Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Russia & China Warn U.S. That Itz Coming, Soon

Powderkeg. If Kwanstainia tries to throw it's candy-ass has-been weight around in this region it is going to realize that it is fifty pounds of crap stuffed into a five pound bag. They are like an old boxer pulling an intravenous drip bag and a dialysis machine around picking fights with nurses and orderlies. They don't even know what they don't know.

I've been working on an IPhone game called ATOMIC WAR and I was originally planning to design the game mechanics so that whenever you picked the United States, you would always lose in the first round no matter how much money you spent.


Hot August Night said...

Are you going to scrap and re-build the game from the ground up for iOS 5?
*chortle chortle*

Anonymous said...

What will happen when all the illegal stuff that Iraq supposedly had and sent to Iran, Libya supposedly had and sent to Iran, etc is not found when they invade Iran? Who will be the next bad boys and girls the get the blame for hiding this stuff? Pakistan? China?

Texas Arcane said...

That man stole the chicken, Commandant!

Anonymous said...

"Who will be the next bad boys and girls the get the blame for hiding this stuff? Pakistan? China?"

lol Yeah, funny how that vial of white powder gets around.

Colin Powell, where are you man?

Thomas said...

Funny shite tex be sure to put up a link to that iphone game when ready i am sure it will kick arse.

Anonymous said...

This isn't really about Iran at all. It's a Balkan type local conflict aimed to trigger war with Russia and China. I've been trying to figure this out for a while and I've reached the following conclusion:

It's not about Israel either. Perhaps it was under the neocons. The Brzezinski-Rockefeller-CFR cabal have an agenda that goes way beyond the pitiful worries of Zionist-Krissans on the "security of Israel". The elite that dictates for decades a persistent policy in world affairs has planted Israel in the Middle-East not to fulfill the Zionist dream, although many Israeli and Christian Zionists may perceive it that way, and is important to do so in order secure their obedience to the pro-Israeli policy, but to use the neo-colonial state of Israel in the middle-east as a tool of conducting policy in a region of vital importance for controlling the entire world, oil etc - so that when it looks that it intervenes for the sake of Israel, in reality it pursues its own hidden agenda of global domination and perhaps an end game/WW 3 scenario.

In other words, in the same way Yoshi plays as if he had Jedi powers with the minds of the goyim, there is another elite shoveling Zionist shit on Yoshi's minds for its own ends and the beanies are as clueless and unaware to it as the goyim.

Prediction: if the above is even partly true, Israel will become a radioactive crater long before the KWA does.

Anonymous said...

Glenn said...

I've been sugesting that I wouldn't be surprised if the Americans pre-utilized Israel,I'm starting to think there is a race on as to who is gonna win the cupie doll at that carnie stand.Lets face it...Nobody likes Israel,especially if ya have to deal with the pricks every day..LOL