Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Running Defense For A Manwhore

The mass media would out any "conservative" member of Congress who was involved in something like this in ten seconds. Obama is a down-low brother who gets a free pass because his politics are correct - globalist and marxist. Could Newt Gingrich get a male companion who logged in each night and slept over while his wife was in another country most of the time, often seen with arms linked together, locked in embraces and giving an endless series of gifts and taxpayer-paid vacations and trips, sleeping in the same hotel rooms with DO NOT DISTURB signs on the door?

No way. No way. The MSM provides these kinds of privileges to internationalist traitors only. They can do literally anything and the mass media will spin it to sound harmless.

If I was Reggie, I'd be a little scared. Obama's previous boy-toys have had a nasty way of turning up dead when the chief crackhead in charge was done with them. I would not take up skydiving or fly in single engine planes if I was Reggie. When Obama announced his candidacy, half the sopranos in Reverend Wright's choir were beaten to death. They were stacking up queers like cordwood. They had dead homos piled up in the streets. Reggie, homes, watch your back. And I don't mean your backside, either, bro. That's probably ruined by now anyway.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand. Obama has a personal assistant. Every President has one. Why does this make Obama gay?

Anonymous said...

Except that Gingrich is as globalist and internationalist as they get:

Anonymous said...

Well that would explain a lot. I had wondered why Obama didn't seem to have any mistresses.

Hot August Night said...

Tex that was freaking hilarious :D

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:11 AM

The difference is in the kind of "personal assistance" Mr Love is giving.

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