Monday, November 7, 2011

Rehabilitation Of Abramoff Began Today

This guy is a really fascinating character for a variety of reasons, I like to discuss him because it is all very relevant to understanding how cleverly the Western nations have been subjugated.

The amazing thing about Amerikwans is that you can commit the most horrific and naked treason in the country, get caught red-handed and exposed to the extent that the death penalty is almost a given ... and within a few short years later you can be making the talk show circuit, profiting from your book deal and back in the mainstream with the movers and shakers in Washington, D.C. presiding over the destruction of American society.

First of all, his appearance is key to understanding the Abramoff machine.

He is classic Amud in features. It is difficult to place him as Jewish. This enabled him to swim freely in almost any circle with complete anonymity. Because he has the classic features of the Amud Neanderthal, his gentile dupes would've felt innately superior to him and relaxed in his company. You notice the standard dip in the eyebrows, the pained look of surrender, the impression he is being hounded by somebody, of being born into bondage and natural submission. In person he is quite congenial and tends to be somewhat boyish in demeanour, which caused his gentile marks to regard him as clearly a member of "that race," (which race? They can never say, they know subconsciously) and they did not react with the kind of suspiciousness they would apply to say, Alan Dershowitz sitting in front of him. For this reason, Abramoff was the perfect front man. He got away with it every time.

If there is one thing both Jews and Gentiles could reach an agreement on, it would be that "those people" are always to be regarded as beneath our contempt. They don't know why they feel this way. They just do. A clever son of Esau could use this to his advantage. That said, selection of Abramoff as a Faustian front man for Israeli political interests is just another example of the incredible genius that drives their self-interest. It was brilliant and deeply insightful into gentile weaknesses, most of which are found between their ears. Picking a human cloaking device to run all their subversive undercurrents tells you they possess a profound capacity to analyze weaknesses in a structure and capitalize on them.

Beneath his gosh-gee demeanour lurked a powerful superhuman physique with bone density and physical capabilities so far beyond those of any ordinary human being he constituted a different species in his own right. People said during his prime he could bend steel in his bare hands and lift cars like they were styrofoam props, all the while giving the impression of being non-threatening, adolescent and even fragile.

He could run circles mentally around his marks, cajoling them easily into one scam after another and giving them the impression the whole thing had been their idea. He passed like a shadow through the corridors of power and was often forgotten as soon as he was out of sight.

For this reason, it is strongly desired by many insiders that the greatest asset they ever had should not be decommissioned. I have no doubt that in a short while this man will be back to what he does best and the average Amerikwan will have forgotten nearly everything he was accused of even sooner.

When you understand these things in their entirety, you will see why the Kwa is doomed. Absolutely doomed.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant analysis like this is the reason I visit this site. Some people would have trouble with some of it but you could rephrase it for them as "Abramoff looked like a mediterranean gentile of somehow familiar and juvenile facial features" and they would get it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you.

Anonymous said...

Tex is in uncharted space and only he has the warp coordinates to get there. I don't know if that means he is insane or not but I know he has that entire galaxy to himself.


Solsys said...

I do not concur regarding his eyes.

You can clearly see, in all pictures there is of him, that he has the gaze of an extrovert.

Besides, apart from the general build, everything in the way he dresses to his gestures, indicate he's from the Bundy family.

What a glorious show (Married... with children), when one could make fun of the obvious flaws of the most common personality types (Extroverted + Sensitive)

Go read the statistics on that page, it is a true eye opener.

Neo types are typically INT types, about 3% of the population.

Solsys said...

Linking an old site about Neanderthals and Asperger's, for those who haven't read it

Texas Arcane said...

Yes, exactly - the perfect con artist would be a person who evokes subconscious memory of Amuds/Mediterranean Nordic, passes himself off as a shy introvert who lets you do most of the talking when in fact he is a cunning extrovert with a keen mind that is manipulating his mark constantly into arriving at decisions.

Anybody who is familiar with the character of gentile politicians knows a guy like this could (and did) buy them body and soul for the price of an overnight stay on one of his floating casinos, with a handful of poker chips and two hookers sent up their room. All the time clandestinely filming their stay to give him mighty powerful extortion fuel should the stoopid goy ever turn against him.

Most people don't know what Jack the giant killer got up to and most wouldn't believe it if you told them. He was convicted of 1% of what he was implicated in, the minimum possible after his public exposure.

Some people believe he actually diverted anti-terrorist government funding into the false flag operation for 911. He hosted Muhammed Atta aboard his floating babylon shortly before this "mastermind" got onboard the aircraft. It is so complex and so diabolical it is almost impossible to follow. Read some of the independent media on this guy. He was literally like Satan, appearing all over the country at random moments like an evil spirit that gets around by teleportation. He was the flying dutchman of destruction, a ship that never docks in any port.