Saturday, November 26, 2011

Really, It's Like ... I'm The Victim Here ... If You Think About It

Puff piece to run defense for the speed rapist of room 2806.

With the sociopath/psychopath it's the other person who gets raped/murdered/beaten/ripped off and the "issue is always complex" and "there are two sides to every story," and "there are many different shades of truth."

"I slipped and then my penis flew at her open mouth. It was all out of our control."

"Hey man, she came onto me first."

Tens of thousands of years can pass and the sociopathic personality never changes. When they are on top, they are iron-fisted tyrants and demigods above challenge. If they lose the upper hand, they whine like puppies with sprained limbs. They're just trying to get by and "the man" is making a scapegoat out of them.

Massaging the message is the mission, to paraphrase brain-tumor afflicted Marshall McLuhan.

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