Friday, November 25, 2011

Pyramid Builders Worldwide Long Before Egypt

Once you begin to realize the evidence is that the Egyptians in most cases merely renovated or restored the original buildings and structures that were already there, you have started to push the origins of civilization farther back than any modern archaeologist is willing to concede.

That means you're moving into melonhead territory and once you start to see these ancient civilizations as a hierarchy of masters ruling over their slaves, everything else makes sense.

When they find all these human sacrifices you will naturally find yourself repelled at how cheaply they regarded the lives of their servants. How could humans treat other humans with such little respect as if living, breathing people were nothing but possessions to be gutted or slain purely for ritual purposes?

Well, what if they didn't view them as their fellow human beings? What if melonheads regarded them as an artificially manufactured beasts and livestock made in the same shape as they were and nothing more? This explains how they could simply give an order and have a hundred of them buried alive to commemorate a ceremonial date.

What if neither the children of Esau or Jacob are original creations, rather the descendants of slave classes who survived the deaths of their masters?

Certainly, all of us living today are the results of certain kinds of breeding programs involving geographically isolated populations reproducing within their own kin groups. What if our origins were themselves not accidental but intentional and not being originals our lives were treated very cheaply by our masters when they lived?

The Enkidu were an accident from a batch intended for slavery who refused to heel. Was Homo Sapiens another special product customized to exterminate the Enkidu?

Most importantly, since the world seems to be in the grip of a new generation of creatures who look, sound and act like melonheads ... is it possible they remain with us even now? As always, our lives are meaningless to them because they do not regard us as human. Seriously, looking at people sometimes, can you blame them? Most people act like they aren't really human, rather a kind of zombie who is a form of human simulacra. Believing that most people are "human beings" is an act of faith. The evidence is lacking. The truth is they act like beasts on two legs. Can you blame the elite for treating them accordingly?


Anonymous said...

Hey Tex, I just came across a link to an Amazon review of a book I've never heard of - Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky.

Reading all the reviews made me immediately think of you. So I click on here and see your latest post here dovetails nicely with some of the ideas of this suppressed and marginalized man with ideas considered as revolutionary as Robert Felix work you frequently cite.

If you've read it, I'd be curious to know your thoughts on it. If you haven't, I imagine it would be a work that would certainly peak your interest.

Anonymous said...

Tex, question for you. Of all of the ancient fantasies to latch on to, why a poem from Assyria, the Epic of Gilgamesh? What makes you think that is any more valid than any of the other ancient works of fiction? Or do you believe in a mish-mash of that and others, depending on what takes your fancy?

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 12:03 AM

Great sublime insult/contempt statement disguised as a loaded question, designed to demonstrate your sky-high intellectual superiority. You didn't get deleted the way a normal personal attack is lately.

You tell me. How do you think I would glean information from ancient myths? Your question implies I'm a common delusional crank just cherry-picking what suits me.

In reading the Epic of Gilgamesh, would you agree with me :

1. Complete rubbish obviously retold thousands of times, likely much older than historians believe (I add the pre-Sumerian statues of Enkidu to bolster this hypothesis)

2. The original subject of this tale apparently was Enkidu, before he got changed into a sidekick in subsequent retellings.

3. The countless references to Neanderthal physiology and tribal culture are blood-curdling creepy. Bleeding from the nose from the curse. A bastard who doesn't know his own mother. A man who rides bulls to submission. Enki's mistake being the most dangerous of Enki's creations because of their imagination and intelligence. Death too good for the Enkidu, sentenced to become living ghosts (genetic legacy hybrids) and ten thousand other "coincidences."

Here's what I think. I think this tale was ancient before the real King Gilgamesh every ascended to the throne and he got sick of seeing pagan statues of Enkidu everywhere, so he told his priests to rewrite this story with Enkidu as his sidekick.

Notice how the story sort of goes downhill after Enkidu dies and yet somehow Enkidu remains alive and becomes a voice-over. This story was plagiarized and as always, too much of the original source was carried over, identifying it as a much older story based on something that really happened.

I think the "Bull of Heaven" sounds suspiciously like an armored vehicle ridden in by melonheads which was ambushed and destroyed by a Neanderthal tribe. After already killing a guard named "Humbaba" the Enkidu were then finally once and for all marked as a menace that had to be exterminated, after untold thousands of years of being tolerated as too insignificant to bother with.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:03 AM

Nice try, moron. These ancient texts are not "fiction" or "fantasies", jackass. The Old Testament, the Mesopotamian epics, the Homeric epics, the Hindu Scriptures are the best source of information we have about mankind's past. It's just that they wisely put this info in coded form so that idiots like yourself who take everything at face vaule could never understand them. I bet that while you think these stories are fantasies you also believe that aliens really exist.

Anonymous said...

Atheistards are so mindless they assume all ancient texts are worthless. Its atheistards that are worthless not these texts. Respect your ancestors stop pretending you know it all.

Anonymous said...


From reading Lewis Mumford's Myth of the Machine, particularly the part about divine kingship, it has become obvious to me that the Melonheads' remnants are currently engaged in reversing humanity back to the slavery status of the Pyramid Age. Once you realize that, then suddenly all the theft of the people's assets we are currently witnessing, the uprooting of ages old customs and traditions and the destruction of nations through globalism, the weakening of family ties, the abolition of property starts to make sense. Because all these are the mechanisms by which the "rubes" are preserving themselves generation after generation and give meaning to their lives, a sense of self-rule, being in control of your own destiny and something to look forward. They are being taken away so that they become mere faceless and soulless parts of the machine. The Pyramid Age ended when private property and private employment took over and it will return when they are abolished again.

There's a reason the Illuminists and Melonheads are associated with ancient Egyptian symbolism and use the pyramid as their symbol. Because they believe in what it represented. What did Tyrell thought of his creations in Blade Runner? Why did he create a more docile replica in Deckard? To hunt down and kill the more volatile and dangerous replicas who wouldn't obey. How did Thulsa Doom treat his flock like? merely as simulacra who respond to external stimuli and lack any volition. "Come to me my child". What does Ozymandias think about humans? Does he value their lives? All these "fictional" characters live inside pyramid like structures ( Tyrell Corp Tower, Mountain of Power) and are associated with ancient Egyptian themes and imagery (Ozymandias). The thematic and symbolic similarities are to many to miss.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 2:31

Ditto all.

Look at it their way.

"Fake" humans have managed to break away from their masters and asserted all kinds of gibberish (to them) about all men being created equal and other highly suspect conceits.

The way they see it, all they are doing is restoring the planet to it's natural state and unseating some wild apes who have been running around out of control. From their point of view, they are protecting us from ourselves. They just look around them and conclude we will all be better off when the "adults" run things again. I guarantee you this is the general thrust at Chateau Rothschild.

I am not sure I am prepared to refute this argument, if I am honest about the subject.

Anonymous said...

"The way they see it, all they are doing is restoring the planet to it's natural state"

Exactly. They believe they are restoring order, the original course of man's evolution as it was meant to be, briefly disrupted by intermediate episodes like the Flood and the advent of Christianity, the religion that has provided the rubes with their main raison d'etre, and this has always been the objective of the Mystery Schools since antiquity.

Anonymous said...

Good thread. You must admit the Melons have a point since few people can think. Case in point: the Melons want to reduce the population of the Earth to 500 million a la the Georgia Guidestones. A Conspiracy Woman I know hates the NWO so everything they say is wrong. Her conclusion: there is no limit to the carrying capacity of the Earth. This kind of disorder is so typical. Democracy per se is frightening once you know this.

When you see pictures of Skull and Bones and CFR, they do look very strange. Is it the Melonhead blood showing? Is Homo Sapiens merely to be a battle ground in an ancient war?

David Icke seems to parallel this whole meme with his reptile mythology. Too bad since alot of his information is good. But he fell for some psychic who claims to "see" the reptiles. Or he claims to believe it so as to tie into the established UFO, Psychic, and Child Abuse markets/memes.

Anonymous said...

"Her conclusion: there is no limit to the carrying capacity of the Earth."

Her conclusion is right. Overpopulation is a myth invented by the elites to justify mass genocide. It's no accident that its main proponents are globalwartmthinkers. It can be debunked as easily as globalwarmthinekery. It's 19th century British upper class thinkish. Passe.

Anonymous said...

If you guys are sitting around talking about how the Melonheads have a point...

Maybe you're the melonheads.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 8:57 AM

Brilliant logic. Again, it makes you wonder if there is something to their point of view.

All you have to do to prove them wrong is to stop being an unbelievable moron. I don't think it would be wise to hold my breath waiting for that.

The conclusion is not that the elites are right. It's the conclusion that the masses are not right, either. You're both wrong. Maybe you deserve one another.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you're wrong too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Melonheads were the surviving survivalists of a previous cycle of hominid history! That'd be something. Like, in interglacial periods brilliant folks refined by the disaster come from the mountains with the gifts of civilization from their fallout shelters, and use the surviving but degraded human population to do big stupid projects until the humans overthrow them and chase them back into the mountains.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 7:05

That's such an awesome thought. It could very well be something as simple as that.

Climate changes make people smarter and give them bigger brains. The planet warms up and all these big brained people have a lot of ideas and one basic problem - too many chiefs and not enough indians. Somebody with a lot of ideas thinks of making a bunch of slaves and we're off.

I have thought of variations of this before - pushing back man's existence as a thinking animal a billion years and seeing successive waves of "masters" produced by these selective evolutionary processes, each in turn reaching it's peak and then fading away, each of them ultimately continuing on in some form of some kind.

I was thinking of this the other day about the aborigines. They are generally dull and simple but they show flashes of brilliance once in a while, particularly in associative reason. It makes you wonder what they were like 80,000 years ago when they first arrived. Everybody says that the longer you stay in Australia, the dumber you get.

Anonymous said...

You don't even need homo sapiens to be a slave race, they could just be a baseline population of high-density hominids focused on living in relatively abundant but overpopulated climates. The mistake is that people from the mountains keep thinking they'd make god slaves.