Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Penn State Cabal

If you wonder why there is all this nervous mumbling about what happened at Penn State, it's the usual gang of suspects about to get their rock flipped over. The Penn State scandal appears to be connected to a much more elaborate network of high profile elites who operate in a strange gray zone where baby rape is not a capital crime. This coach was the low hanging fruit and chances are they will try to bag him, tag him and lock him away before the thread starts to unravel. This very thing happened in the Franklin affair. The evidence pointed directly to a pedophile ring operating out of the White House, so the principals were swiftly convicted and slammed behind bars before any real investigation took place. These fall guys are always low level functionaries taking a bullet for the big names you would recognize immediately.

The same lure of power brings all this scum out of the woodwork. They were never going to found Microsoft or invent the Segway. They are sociopaths and psychopaths who enjoy pounding baby ass. They are interested in politics because it gives them diplomatic immunity to prosecution for their countless crimes if they pay their dues and get into the inner circle. People desirous of titles and accreditations are like that for a reason. They want the physical tokens of status and power to try to put themselves above examination because they know perfectly well they are natural born sons of the devil.

In software development, nobody is more suspect than the guy who is trying to show you all his referrals, testimonials and accreditations and certificates and letters of recommendation. "This piece of paper with this wax seal proves I am a worthy person." It is virtual proof they are incompetent. It's no different in politics.

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Anonymous said...

The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades...

Savage beating caught on camera (where else but the Kwan)!

Don't worry its not a "hate crime", the attackers are not White.