Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pan-American Tectonic Activity Begins

These are the old, old ranges that have lain dormant a long time. They become active when the planet enters a new cycle of change and they are capable of doing as much or more damage than the best of them.

All it takes is one super-volcano to blow to inaugurate babies, the other white meat. Just one. Hundreds have become active in the last few years alone.


Anonymous said...


Iceland, El Hierro, Pacific Ring, the Indonesian archipelago, New Zealand....

Never thought I'd live in such exciting times.

Yo, Mr T ... any tips for databases that describe underground / old CD shelters ? ... inside the US, or specific to the SW USA ?

Thanks in advance


Anonymous said...

'Blast in Iran struck uranium enrichment facility'

Now don’t weld your hatches shut yet, because this isn't verified yet. It is, after all, coming from the Mossad... err from The Jerusalem Post.

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My Tram Experience-The Mantra Response

This is how the Soviet Union was taken down.

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Would it be considered a trifle too gauche to serve A-1 steak sauce with B-TOWM?

I suppose many people will find that out for themselves rather shortly.