Friday, November 18, 2011

Of Interest To C++ Programmers

Boost is bloated crapware and the only reason anyone uses it is because it has Regex and the superb Asio library inside of it. That's the reason I switched to CodeBlocks, so I could compile Boost and get at Asio.

What if it were possible to just get the Asio lib by itself and scrap the other 200 megs of the Boost garbage barge? Incredibly, I found it as a standalone lib on it's own. If you're still programming in C++ you may find this useful.


Anonymous said...


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Texas Arcane said...

A good rule of thumb is that any C++ library that requires you to install a platform-specific tool to even compile it (bjam) is neither cross-platform nor is it a timesaver.

If code is any good it should compile on any ANSI C++ compiler standalone by itself.