Friday, November 11, 2011

Most Blatant Political Imprisonment in History Of The United States

What do you expect of a government that kills it's own citizens without trial with robotic drones?

Steele had just announced he was going into politics. After a lifetime without a single crime ever committed, he decided this was a good time to bump off his wife and have a government informant do it. Does anybody really believe Edgar Steele was dumb enough to do such a thing? You'll notice they took him out of commission right before the presidential campaigns started.

The tragic thing about Kwanzanians is that they are doing the most visible threats first. They're getting to you, Kwanzan, you can be sure of it. Instead of a big media smear campaign and railroad trial with faked evidence, you warrant only a boxcar with a hundred other whiners in the middle of the night. You should hope you would merit Steele's frameup. You will go quietly at midnight to your camp without even so much as a Miranda. Steele was important enough to qualify as an enemy but it is an anonymous mass grave for most of the sheeple.


Anonymous said...

When a marriage breaks up, the first thing people think of, is hiring a hitman. Its not like we have divorce courts or anything...

Cool story, bro.

Texas Arcane said...

Yes, a man who has gone for 66 years as a lawyer and the picture of civility, never committing a crime, suddenly decides he would "whack" his wife if they are getting a divorse. A very suspicious person who believed (correctly, obviously) that the government would like any excuse to prosecute him, decided there was no better hitman to recruit than the strange handyman with the criminal record who seems to keep showing up on the property and whom Edgar has expressed suspicions is a government informant who may be trying to entrap him in something.

Edgar Steele is not a moron or a homicidal crook and would never, ever have done such a thing. It's ridiculous.

Anyone who has ever read one of his newsletters knows what an upright man this was, reluctant to do anything but criticize the government and write about his grievances. Apparently, that was sufficient to put him away for life. Thought crime.

Anonymous said...

Why would the government want to silence him? What information does he have that is dangerous?

I think the answer is none. He's represented extremists. He himself hold extreme views. By definition, extreme views are held by the few, not the many.

He was no threat to the government, therefore it only makes sense that the government would not consider him a threat and wouldn't conspire against him.

This conspiracy theory doesn't pass the smell text.

Anonymous said...

Moshe from Mossad says:
"This conspiracy theory doesn't pass the smell text."

When you go against them in a prominent fashion, they will get you eventually. Everyone must do their time, because these people are pros.

Case in point, Murdoch's News Corp was taken down in the UK, because with their email hacks, they exposed the Global Warming "scientific" Peer Groups, for the left wing political scammers that they are.

By that point the debate had reached the stage where well paid respectable conservatives, were being told the questioning of GW was over and they were beginning to comply.

Yet the executives inside Newscorp, had the audacity to lift the lid the whole smelly mess and changed the course of the conversation.

When you change the conversation to something they don't want, they always get you eventually. These people are pros.

This explanation of big league politics is not for you Moshe, because you have already admitted on this blog, you are an anti-White genocidal asshole.

I'm sure as Jew that is naturally hostile to White Gentiles, you are salivating at this Bolshevik style political imprisonment of a White man, that opposed Zionist plans for White GeNOcide.

This explanation is for Tex's White and Normal readers.

This is how politics is played in the big leagues folks. Get used to it.

Texas Arcane said...

A people who use the word "injustice" with maddening regularity who have not demonstrated in 2000 years they know what it means other than something that is displeasing to them.

Imprisoning anyone for any reason other than the fact they have committed a crime is an "injustice." It doesn't matter who they are. This innate understanding of the rule of law is the reason they immigrate to our nations but nobody really wants to live in theirs.