Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kwanzanians Counterfeiting Their Own Currency, Say The World's Experts

If you go beyond desperation into a strange gray twilight world of omnipresent panic and hysteria at the far flung border of madness, you get a nation reduced to making fake copies of it's own money.

Remember, this was just a fringe conspiracy nut theory a few years ago. Now the world's best say it is obvious. North Korea simply does not have the brains or resources to accomplish this. Only the holders of the original plates could do it.

The 'Stain makes the Nazis look like badly behaved boy scouts. If they do not bring Americans to trial at the Hague for war crimes then they need to pay out damages and issue a formal apology to their victims at Nuremberg.

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Anonymous said...

How is that different to what they do in the Federal Reserve right now? If they want more money, they print as much as they like.