Monday, November 28, 2011

Kwanstainia Will Be Destroyed In A Single Day

The Russians have always known it would come to this. They were right. Luckily for them, the 'stain is nigh defenseless excepting their formidable orbital weaponry.

Putin warns 'Stain not to try to interfere in their elections. Russia is not demockrassic enough for the Kwanstainians. Still too much choice for the sheeple. They even pick their own leaders. It's a travesty.

There can be only one. The 'Stain will not be the victor.

Therefore shall evil come upon thee; thou shalt not know from whence it riseth: and mischief shall fall upon thee; thou shalt not be able to put it off: and desolation shall come upon thee suddenly, which thou shalt not know.
- Isaiah 47:11


Anonymous said...

Re: Russian democracy.
Tex I'm surprised that one who is familiar with the works of Nyquist would make such comments (especially when you've praised Nyquist in the past)?

- deadman.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand the Russians have intercontinental range missiles on truck beds, that are being driven around Russia 24 hrs per day.

In all the US war gaming, enough of these missiles get through to destroy the USA.

Texas Arcane said...


- My fascination with Nyquist is primarily because of James Jesus Angleton, one of the most prophetic people who ever worked for the CIA. Angleton was a brilliant man and despite Nyquist's alterations had a very different worldview.

Angleton believed that a third party was trying to increase tension between America and Russia by working as a fifth column inside the United States, who was so paranoid he refused to speak to anyone in the agency, claiming they were all moles and spies, every single one of them. He believed that freemasons were going to bring about a third world war by subterfuges both in the U.S. and in Russia.

Angleton laughed right in the faces of people who ridiculed him in front of other staff and suggested he was paranoid - these people later were revealed to be double and triple agents who were either sent to prison or defected to the Soviet Union. Literally, Angleton in retrospect appears to be the only straight person who was working at the agency. The rest were dopplegangers in many cases, nobody being certain after they were captured just who they were working for. They appeared like Deutsch to have answered to either Tel Aviv or London.

Angleton believed the Illuminati had so infiltrated the U.S. government that he predicted future presidents would be drawn from their ranks. He was right. He spent his last days refusing to talk to anybody, convinced the U.S. was doomed to be destroyed from the inside.

Anonymous said...

"Re: Russian democracy."

Far more democratic than Kwans and pathetic CIA-employed propagandists like Nyquist could ever hope for the KWA. You're just jealous that Russia has leadership that puts Russian interests and Russian sovereignty first, and isn't just the enforcer and guard dog of globalist-financier Rothschild interests and a colony of the zog.

Besides, we don't care what Kwans think as democratic or not. It's just a meme word used to justify color revolutions or "humanitarian interventions" and install puppet regimes aligned to the globalist agenda of world domination.

Anonymous said...

If Russia turned New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC into radioactive slag heaps, many Whites would feel they had been liberated. lol

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog since 2007 and I like it. One thing bothers me, though: You often quote the Bible, but it is always the old testament that is quoted.

I read comments criticizing calvinism by reading exclusively the old testament, is that true? You guys don't believe in Christ? Why do you never draw from the new testament? I thought that contained the fundamentals of christianity...

Anonymous said...

“You're just jealous that Russia has leadership that puts Russian interests and Russian sovereignty first, and isn't just the enforcer and guard dog of globalist-financier Rothschild interests and a colony of the zog.”

Que? Since when did I have any interest in being led by any petty bureaucrats? Russian, American, European, Australian, Asian or otherwise?
You see, when other's call for leadership from other flawed meat bags, I scoff at the idea. Especially when said meat bags are sinister &/or satanic.
I don't depend on, rely on, nor have any interest in being 'led' by others or living in any kind of nanny state. I'm more than capable of maintaining a noble, civilized and well mannered conduct without the need for the governance of others.

“Besides, we don't care what Kwans think as democratic or not.”

Did you... think I was American...?
Oh shit son, now you've made my day. Ha!

Oh and Tex, very interesting. A fair amount to ponder there.

- deadman

Anonymous said...

No wonder Kwans have no clue about it. Faux News is Keeping its viewers less informed even from people who watch no news at all:

Texas Arcane said...

Calvinism integrates the entire Bible as divinely inspired scripture and uses the Old Testament to reinforce every word of the New Testament.

What's funny is that modern people talk about Calvinism like it is some sort of strange cult. Calvinism has been the dominant practice and theology of the West for centuries. It is the worship of beany babies in place of God via televangelists and other nuts through Scofieldian blasphemy that is odd and outlandish. Modern Krisschans have drifted so far from the Bible they barely even require it any longer. It is possible Jesus is the only jew they aren't terrified of. Wisdom begins with the fear of God, not the fear of men.

Anonymous said...

"led by any petty bureaucrats?"

Bureaucrats never run anything, anywhere. They are just functionaries. Russia being run by "bureaucrats" is just another empty meme, just like the democrassy one, of the western propaganda machine, whining because Russia has strong leadership that isn't allowing them to loot Russia as in the 90's through their controlled oligarchs.

"Did you... think I was American...?
Oh shit son, now you've made my day. Ha!"

So you mean that you actually try to mimic how they talk and think?

Anonymous said...

Alright, thanks for the reply. I am a former agnostic who just found his way back into religion, and I find terrible contrasts in both testaments. In the matter of fact, they kind of contradict each other, even in the way God is represented. The "God" of the old testament was a jealous and hateful one who exclusively blessed jews and that frequently called for war and power struggles, much different then the merciful and forgiving God of the new testament, who extended his blessing to all people who believed in him. The teachings of Christ contradict much of what is presented in the old testament too. He saved a whore from being stoned to death, he called believers to avoid war and he described humility and poverty as virtues. How can you balance both? It seems you have a clear focus on the old testament, since you don't even quote the new covenant. I just want your take in it.

I was raised Russian Orthodox and I was taught that the old testament is part of the Bible for historical reasons, because early Christians were jews and because the coming of Christ is believed to be prophesized in it. I know roman catholics and all orthodox churches also believe this, that the old covenant was replaced by the new one and that the only binding section of the pentateuch is the mosaic law. Early Christians believed that, so it is only natural that traditional churches hold onto that. It always made sense to me and it saved me from trying to cope with conflicting moral lessons.

What is the calvinist justification for pure acceptance of the old covenant and for the doctrine of "sola scriptura"? It doesn't make much sense to me, and all I read seems to point it was derived from your necessity to break with the traditional churches and their false claims of apostolic legitmacy. It might have backfired badly.

Anonymous said...

Tex at 8:32 - Was calvinism really the dominant theology of the west for centuries? Funny, reality says it never was so. It was actually the dominant religion in that slave driving zone known as the netherlands(modern day world capital of pot smoking and sodomy), and also of Kwanzania in its early glory days of witch hanging and indian genocide(modern day doomed Kriscchan capital of the world).

If calvinists really judge a tree by its fruits, they should abandon their religion as soon as reason returns to them.

Anonymous said...

Anom 5:55 - Yes, calvinists were modern pharisees who wanted a version of Christianity that justified the pursuit of material wealth and the disregard for the teachings of Christ. They follow jewish scripture exclusively because it matches their desire for justification of hate and religious exclusivity.

Their biggest representative today is wife beater, funeral disturber and child abuser Fred Phelps, a false prophet who never did good to a human being in his sorry little life and who is responsible for the breaking of most families that gave him ears.

Calvinists are people unable to understand Christ's message of hope and forgiveness. They do not believe in charity or sacrifice, and that is the reason they prefer the war loving and hate mongering God of the jewish scriptures. It suits them better.

Anonymous said...

"Wisdom begins with the fear of God, not the fear of men."

Christians that stress this Fear of God, are the only ones I have seen with any balls. All the rest are spineless castrati.

Anonymous said...

@Tex 1:55 AM

This is interesting stuff. If you'd ever care to do it I'd be interested in reading any bio write ups on people you've looked into as trustworthy, as unique individuals that inspire you or even some that act as warnings.

You have an unusual viewpoint that would make such things worth reading, much like most your thoughts added here.

Anonymous said...

I will see God on the day of my judgement; he will see into my soul and know me for who/what I am and have done, and judge accordingly. Or, I will rot in the ground if there is no god. Either way.......godbotherers can bugger off; I don't trust you, look at the Christians you associate with.
It's like walking into an office and ignoring the secretaries/receptionists/flunkies....sorry folks, I'm off to see The Boss.......not you folks who think you know what the Boss wants.....

Anonymous said...

Krisschannins are effem bastards who hate people saying you should fear God. The men Christians in general are such faggots and sound like they trust their organized church more than they fear God. They are such pussies they fear fear which is a womans trait. Fear of God gives you courage against everything else which is why the bible says it about fifty times. Try it you will see. The more you are afraid of God the more courage you will have against the whole world because your fear will be in the right place.

Anonymous said...

Americans Could Be Sent to Gitmo Under ‘Indefinite Detention’ Bill:

Anonymous said...

In order to fear God, you must understand his revelation. Being that calvinists can't try that without the altercations of Calvin the charlatan, they are biased and naturally prone to failure.

The historical hypochrisy of this guy kills me. The guy broke with the church with the claim of wanting a pure interpretation of scripture... and then the first thing he did was ignore most of the new testament and declare material wealth a blessing from divine favor and allow usury and banking to run wild. The guy was a regular two-headded snake.

I also love how calvinists feel they have the moral high ground because of the catholic inquisition... Wasn't Calvin responsible for burning several witches and herectics himself? Oh wait, he was... at least Catholics feel ashamed for Torquemada and deny the validity of his works. Unlike you guys, we don't call ourselves "torquemadists" and go around pretending the guy was any good.

It must be a big coincidence that every modern church that is based on the doctrines of this satan mouthed crook is a sodomite debauchery with a rainbow flag on the front door. Right? At least hillbilly funeral crasher Fred Phelps is here as the only anti-gay calvinist in the world. I believe he secretly takes it up the ass, though. The guy always struck me as a shitpusher. He walks with his legs too far apart and has this creepy focus on saying things like "rectum worshippers". Has to be one.

njartist said...

your prediction is several years if not decades behind.

1. prophecy site;
2. another site
3. Dumitri Duduman

njartist said...

If Russia turned New York, Los Angeles [, Chicago, Atlanta,] and Washington DC into radioactive slag heaps, many Whites would feel they had been liberated. lol

Fixed it for ya.

Unfortunately, prophecy declares the Russians, Chinese, and Japanese will be invading shortly thereafter; also, eight Central and South American counties have already agreed - prophecy again - to launch missile attacks.

Anonymous said...

"At least hillbilly funeral crasher Fred Phelps is here as the only anti-gay calvinist in the world. I believe he secretly takes it up the ass, though. The guy always struck me as a shitpusher. He walks with his legs too far apart and has this creepy focus on saying things like "rectum worshippers". Has to be one."

Moshe from Mossad,
You lost me with your opener.

First you start in with the anti-White comment - you just can't help yourself can you? Then you start talking about anal sex in great detail. lol

I am not saying you are Jewish as -ish means a little bit and you are clearly not a little bit. Whatever you are, you are A LOT. lol

As my Jewdar is going off right now, I am going to pacify it by doing a Google search on who invented Usury and who Jews are and are not allowed to lend to, according to their book.

I will also do a search on Jewish owned slave ship owners and why "Hollywood slave ships" are always run by evil White Christians.

I'll do a search on "Jews in Communism", and the genocides committed against Christian Whites by these Communists.

I will also read up on how Communists have killed 100 million people so far, 5 times more than the Nazis and again, Hollywood is yet to make a movie about that. Strange

Perhaps I'll do a search on who owns Hollywood as well? lol

Anonymous said...

Tex @ 8:32

Didn't you say WBC is an example of a true calvinist church? if so, it is a strange cult indeed... I have been watching some of their parody reenactments of lady gaga's videoclips.

I felt like I was in the twighlight zone. Really, those people are crazy.

Anonymous said...

I am not a "moshe", asshole. If I were I wouldn't piss on nazi Israel and the doomed Christ killers so often.

With that out of the way, Phelps is a despicable human being who has destroyed many lives, including those of some of his own children. Crashing funerals and disturbing grieving families is as low as it gets, and for that and more his "congregation" wouldn't know Christian morality if it bit them on the ass. The guy is a quack, and an evil quack at that. Why would anyone condone him, let alone "admire" him is beyond me.

If "hillbilly" was racially offensive to you, let me up the ante. Phelps is white trash. A pale nigger. Trailer park scum. An illiterate wife beater who got disbarred 30 years ago for being a scummy lawyer.

If this guy and rainbow flagged churches are the best that calvinism has to offer, why would mossad agents even bother with you? Crypto-jews don't need to debauche things that are already debauched. This shit is low even for jews actually, you show videos of Phelps preaching to the worst human organ trafficking rabbi around and he will hang his head in shame. He is that low.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:02 PM

Oh Moshe, you're trying ever so hard these past few days.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am a jewish agent assigned with the mission of arguing with stormfront rejects on 3rd grade conspiracy blogs.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Anonymous said...

True Mossad here.

I always though Fred Phelps was on our payroll. The guy does such a wonderful job at ridiculing and embarrassing the christian faith at public level, it is just uncanny. He also has a knack for picking up media attention.

His services to the people of Israel will never be forgotten. Thousands of our agents can't do in a month what WBC is able to do in a day.