Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kwanstain Soldiers Disposed Of As Medical Waste In Government Landfills

Good riddance. Dumb enough to serve, dumb enough to get dumped when the time comes. If you're a minion for James Bond style supervillains like the neoconservatives, don't cry because they feed you to their piranhas after Austin Powers shoots you dead firing from the hip. You are a tool and when that tool has served it's purpose it is tossed into the rubbish bin.

Feel it is unfair? Unjust? Imagine you're an Iraqi boy whose mother has told him to go and fetch a pail of water from the well outside. Before you can lower the bucket into the well, an American pilot flies over and drops a cocktail of cluster bombs and white phosphorus shells that vaporize you, your mother and your entire village. They, like the Nazis before them, are only following orders. They are manbots that respond to commands. Being less than human, nobody bothers to give them a burial like a human being when they reach their use-by date or are damaged in the performance of their duties. Zionist tools are discarded like garbage when they are finished because their masters regard them as garbage and because they treated other races of men like garbage.

Isn't it great when the Holy Spirit begins to withdraw from men? See how they come to regard one another? They can all fall back on their better angels to tell them what is right and wrong, like Obama advocates.


Anonymous said...

Getting Rid of The English

Genocide is "the deliberate extermination of a people or nation". This involves the destruction of a peoples' culture, the theft of their land, and ultimately the physical elimination of those people.

The English, as indigenous inhabitants of the British Isles, are experiencing the preliminary stages of organised genocide. This involves: the 'deconstruction' of their culture and social institutions; encouragement by the State of anti-English hatred; of population displacement, replacement and colonisation (ethnic cleansing); and the enforcement of unlawful Statute to suppress dissent by the English people.


This guy talks about it, as if it is only the English the "anti-racists", are doing this to.

Sorry Bub, this is a global GeNOcide. They target all White countries and only White countries. That is how anti-racists define "White".

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Anonymous said...

Restore The Draft, Israel Is Demanding It