Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just A Snippet Of The Garbage That's Out There

There is such a wealth of rubbish coming out of the mouth now of every idiot academic who can lip-read a search engine result that it is like a tsunami.

It honestly looks like every single academic who has lost his global warming grant has now turned to the field of Neanderthal research. Seriously.

As Winston Churchill pointed out, the lie is halfway around the world before the truth has got it's boots on. It would take an army of Tex Arcanes twenty years just to debunk the gibberish that has come out in the past week about Neanderthals.

It is almost as if the establishment has panicked so badly over it's frauds being exposed for the past 150 years on this hominid they are now desperately trying to generate enough lies that it will take another 150 years to unravel them all.

I want you to ask yourself a question. You don't need to have a degree in anthropology to answer it. You just need to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

Let's imagine we have two species.

One of these species could be compared to an arctic tree sloth. It is a funny creature, very strong, thick and hairy. It mates for life, breeds quite slowly, lives in extreme cold weather climates for more than a half million years and is a polyphasic sleeper who goes through long extended hibernation periods that may last up to a decade, during which time it is strangely afflicted by melancholy that vastly reduces it's energy requirements in the cold, enabling it to survive long periods of scarcity in such a way it burns the least amount of calories. It is dreamy and reflective, very contemplative and introverted, a depressive and meditative sort of troll tightly bound up into xenophobic little groups that often sit quietly in dark caves while an ice age roars outside, painting the rock walls by dim candlelight for what is sometimes months with intense devotion, the way a submarine crew might work on a gigantic crossword puzzle to wile away the time in a very tight confined space that does not permit much variety in the way of entertainment. They are a people given to certain elements of deference to insure group cohesion, so much so that anthropologists are fond of calling them "sadomasochistic" somehow. Although they defend their territory with enormous ferocity when threatened, every cell of their body seems devoted to managing their internal states with the maximum amount of efficiency to squeeze every possible unit of life out of the very worst situations. We might almost describe them as a sort of mammalian mushroom. In some cases their bones clearly indicate they spent countless years underground, living off cave fish and freshwater mussels, perhaps not seeing the sun except for brief springs every few decades. Everything they did, particularly having children, would have had to occur slowly so as not to overburden themselves with mouths they could not feed. They would be slow to anger, slow to change in social structure. They survive off protein and require time to digest it, harder teeth to chew it, slower metabolic rates to burn it.

... now there is the other species, which comes from warmer climates somewhere in the south. They breed like locusts, extroverted pragmatic creatures of the sun who make war compulsively, conquering a piece of land and then growing mass yield agricultural crops until the inevitable crunch comes from their rapid expansion and they have to go to war again to conquer more land to plant more carbohydrates to feed more children that are produced by their rampant promiscuity. They are polygamous, very prolific and grow so quickly they can be ready to fight in tribal combat by the age of 8 or even earlier. Wherever they settle, the ground there is soon soaked with blood and filled with the bones of the dead of all ages. There is no discrimination whatsoever. In their endless warfare they kill the young, the old, the crippled, the women, the babies. Their replacement rates would have to be very rapid to have kept their numbers high for their nonstop, vicious intertribal war which emphasized raw aggression, frontal assaults, mad charges and hails of spears and projectile weapons. Any race that gets in their way looks like it was run down by a bulldozer it is so rapidly driven away from these rabid, mindless, violent creatures. There is no area they are found in which did not quickly become too small for them, demanding they conquer new lands and attain more real estate by bloody raw conquest. It appears that at no time has this race gone without a new war or massacre at least once every few years over the past hundred thousand years. Peace is such an anomaly amongst their kind that there exists no documentation for it whatsoever.

... knowing just a few of the details I have given you, which of these races do you think grew slowly, reached maturity later and lived longer, producing fewer children and generally maintaining very static slow growth in population? The 28 DAYS LATER race of rage zombies, or the slow moving cold weather roly-poly cave-dwelling rodeo clowns?

You reach your own conclusions and then ask yourself if the author of the article linked to above really believed the crap he was writing or literally just yanked it out of thin air.

This is the tip of the iceberg, literally. They are generating volumes of monographs of junk on this subject and releasing them to the press before they have been peer-reviewed, apparently using tabloids as the new vetting mechanism for scientific theory. The days where all the scientists were given a look at a hypothesis before it was mailed out as a press release are long gone.


Anonymous said...

then why don't modern hunter-gatherer's look like your description of homo sapien?

Texas Arcane said...

You have to be kidding. All civilization has done for Homo Sapiens is enable him to kill more people than ever in shorter time. They just killed a million civilians in Iraq, mostly women and children, almost like a careless afterthought without even mentioning it. All Sapiens has done is refine his weapons to do far more homicide in smaller time periods. Civilization is only a gateway to ever greater cruelty for Sapiens. I'm watching his "entertainment" right now. It is 99 channels of torture porn. I count three versions of SAW and two similar themed movies on cable playing as I write this reply.

Sapiens is a bad, bad, bad creature. Crazy as a loon.

Anonymous said...

Nice Neanderthal point of view summation, Tex. Probably a lot closer to the truth of what actually went down during the warming times genocide than the history as written by the victors version.
For those that didn't catch it already, more evidence of neanderthal/sapien hybridization,
"Siberians share DNA with extinct human species"

Anonymous said...

nice evasion

Anonymous said...

Depending on your view men were created either by mud, by word, or by "aliens". What is certain however is that man was created and kept in breeding farms in the same way that men today are breeding dogs in kennels. The
existence of harems up to this day reveals this ancient reality since it is not an isolated event that simply sprung up but part of a greater narrative on the social system that those who we refer to as "gods" have established long ago.

Genetically, we can assume that this ruling race of "gods" was assimilated into hybrids with the passage of time (Hesiod informs us that at a point you could not separate the "gods" from men). Now getting to "Eve". The hybrids were the result of the inter-mixing between the "gods" and the race that was produced from the union of Sapiens with the original Neanderthal woman. For about 40.000 years genetic engineering was applied by killing every infant and child that had inherited the characteristics of the mother.

Also, at one point a part of the ruling race that regarded itself pure and wished to remain that way escaped to the far north and this is where all the myths of Hyperborea, that the Nazis romanticized as the home of the "pure race",come from. Norse mythology is nothing less than a long report on the meeting between this race and the Neanderthals.

Anonymous said...

Tex, you made up most of what you posted. We have no real evidence that neanderthals spent decades in caves. We have no evidence of their state of mind, that they were quiet and contemplative, etc.

You're taking a few nuggets of research, the ones that appeal to you, and spinning them off into an elaborate fantasy.

It's funny, too, because you're no more a neanderthal than is a chimp in a zoo. Dude, you're a sapiens. Neanderthals are extinct. They were probably out-competed by sapiens.

It's homo sapiens who have built the world we live in, sent men to the moon, fashioned the periodic table of the elements, spied planets in far off solar systems, etc.

Anonymous said...


Btw, the elongated skulls, like the one of king Tut, were the result of attempts by the parents because the deformed skull was a sign of higher social status. It is possible that such practice aimed at preventing the growth of large brow ridges that was a common characteristic of the Neanderthal.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 3:19

Stop hyperfocusing on me like it's an obsession. Are you too dumb to do a search with Google and confirm for yourself a few of the things I've said?

"No proof Neanderthal lived in caves for long periods of time."

Seriously, you must be a troll to have written something that stupid. The evidence is scarce that Neanderthal ever came out of them for very long, not that he went in. The Neanderthal is defined as a cave dwelling hominid. It's the essence of his nature. This was recognized when he was first identified 150+ some years ago.

Anonymous said...

The Cave Paintings depict modern looking White Men not red haired little rodeo clowns. Dude you've got to let it go. It'll be just another thing you were wrong about - like John Titor. We wont all abandon you because you're wrong now and then.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 11:38

I can't believe somebody with knowledge a quarter inch deep on this subject is lecturing to me on my cognitive failings.

"Yeah, well those paintings like show modern white men and whatnot and whatever and so then you don't know what you're talking about."

Not familiar with the whole cave paintings scandal from early 90's-present, then?

You're right. Modern white men in the cave paintings. Neanderthal self portraits.

Number of cave paintings reliably attributed to Homo Sapiens in 1963: = 100%

Number of cave paintings reliably attributed to Homo Sapiens in 2011: = 0%

No anthropologist in the world who cares about his reputation would point to a single wall of a cave on this planet today before 38,000 years ago and say "... and this one, strangely enough, appears to have been done by Homo Sapiens."

Homo Sapiens only began to paint, draw, do abstract artwork and a million other activities including innovating and building when the bastards of Neanderthal women started to reach maturity.

If you even knew what the discussion was, you could participate by making a reasonable argument, something like "this just shows it was the hybridization of the two species that was the best, either one of them on it's own had weaknesses but once merged there was a new vigor." That would be participating.

You can't participate because you barely even know what part of my original blog post you are replying to, much less anything at all about modern anthropology.

Passing out drunk one night and waking up in time to see the end of a special on SBS about cavemen is not a qualification to participate.

Texas Arcane said...

...and you notice, that was a "special on cavemen."

Anon, why do you think they call Neanderthals "cavemen?"

Push that ticker of yours until you get a nosebleed and see if you can blurt out an answer.

Anonymous said...

Neanderthals lived for hundreds of thousands of years, through ice ages and warming periods. Are you claiming that they stayed in caves the majority of the time, never seeing the sun for years?

You've created a fantasy that explains to yourself why you feel different and out of step with the world.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 3:22 PM

Are you the same guy posting in the thread at the top right now? You seem really literal minded and it's like you have a lot of trouble discerning a person's actual arguments. I don't know if you're bright enough to be posting responses here. Maybe you should hold off until you know more about what you're pitching in on.

Neanderthals didn't live in caves all the time. They are the only hominid we know of that did for as long as they needed to when the situation required. This is one of the reasons they were the dominant species in Europe for so long, because they were all-weather animals who could survive well during interglacials, during fiercesome Ice Ages, even in droughts by becoming fishermen and gatherers at the ocean side.

Homo Sapiens, by comparison, appears to have also learned to excel in cold weather because of his Neanderthal genes. Other races were flimsy and small temperature changes could easily wipe them all out. It seems that iceman aptitude is just another superpower he stole from Neanderthals. In fact, everywhere we see Homo Sapiens adapting and excelling it appears to be because of his genetic inheritance from Neos. Wherever he has to fall back on his pre-existing genes he sort of coughs up a hairball and then dies.

Other races have real trouble living in confined, tightly knit living quarters for lengthy periods. Homo Sapiens has submariner crew powers because of his Neanderthal genes. He too appears to be able to live in caves or underground indefinitely because of it. Wherever Homo Sapiens starts to kick ass and show true grit, it's when his Neo genes make an appearance.

Texas Arcane said...

Also, please stop using that "1%-4%" figure you got from the mass media. Every time you do this, I blush at my keyboard in embarrassment on your behalf. Honestly. It's real "brawndo-has-got-what-plants-crave" stuff. I can't believe anyone is that simpleminded.

Anonymous said...

"It's real "brawndo-has-got-what-plants-crave" stuff. I can't believe anyone is that simpleminded."

You should try to go to sometimes, if you want to take a peek at idiocracy at its finest. They ARE that simpleminded. All of their thoughts are dominated by that kind of meme, it's the AIDS of the mind. Since "OWS" the use of the 1% thing has been ingrained in their mind.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the two 1% figures you guys are talking about are the same thing lol.