Friday, November 11, 2011

Just Make Up Crazy Sh*t Off The Top Of Your Head

Anything. Claim the Iranians are getting alien technology from Islamics from Venus. Just freeform gibberish pulled out of thin air will do. The Kwanstainian is too stupid to know that brawndo doesn't have what plants crave. Make up anything. If you say it on televitz, that proves it is true because it is on televitz.

Vault-Co means it. The entire planet has gone mad. Absolutely off the reservation, stark raving bonkers. I guess the transition the Mayans were told to record on their calendars was actually the end for a whole lot of human beings. Whatever it is, I don't think we come out of it with as many people as we had going into it.


Anonymous said...

How many countries have these Zionist assholes attacked in the last 50 years, vs how many has Iran attacked in the last 200 years?

And they have the gall to say Iran is a threat to world peace?

Anonymous said...

You couldn't make this stuff up. They are a scourge, even in their own country. lol

Increasing number of disabled Israeli children sue for not being aborted

Anonymous said...

Full Spectrum Deterrence: The Only Solution to Avoid Total Nuclear War:

Kwans think this is just about "removing trade barriers" and "economic co-operation"

They're wrong as usual: