Thursday, November 17, 2011

ITZ Home Delivery Goes Public

Yes, a wonderful era of peace and prosperity with dancing elves and fairies with Smurfs riding rainbow ponies through a land of milk and honey. That's where globalism was taking us all, you see, despite the haters and their denial. It's all about edjumafacashun.

Tra-la-la-la-la-la (skipping round mayberry pole trailing silk ribbon and sipping diet coke/commercial rat poison/fluoride)


Anonymous said...

Just about ready in time for nuclear war:

Rowan said...

Why do people intelligent enough to build these delivery systems build them for the ZOG? Have they been tamed or are your theories on human origins correct?

Speaking of maypoles, the primary school in my birth village back in the UK has banned them. Too British. Also out of the window: Attending the harvest festival service, nativity play and for some reason the 20 minute break time in the mornings?

Glad to hear the tests were successful, hopefully we can go live before the new year.

Anonymous said...

A short but very important video that puts current (and future) developments into perspective:

Oil is only a pretense of course. The real reason is complete dominance by the western-zog establishment.

Anonymous said...


Wasn't this something you mentioned over a year ago or more, Tex? I'm sure you were talking about this ages ago before it was public. Another one of those things that you were insulted over and told was nonsense or wasn't going to be around any time soon.

No one is right all the time, but all too often a few years later the same thing you were ridiculed for saying ends up part of the mainstream media and official government line and all the manboons calling everyone here and on similar minded sites nuts end up agreeing and repeating what they trashed before!]

When they want to strike these next generation weapons will blast through any known defences and with virtually no warning (unless you saw the tensions building beforehand and were already preparing for years). It's too late to run to the local mall and stock up when you hear the public sirens and alarm bells ringing.

Anonymous said...

Britain is an Orwellian shithole. Compared to it Britain in Terry Gilliam's Brazil is an utopia that respects individual rights and liberty.

"The council promises the recorded information would not be accessed unless requested by police or council officials." Lol.

Anonymous said...

Tex vindicated: Neanderthals were clever AND sexy:

Anonymous said...

We've passed the threshold. Russian Chief of Staff speaks openly about nuclear war:

Anonymous said...

Secret no more, US moves openly to block the rise of China:

Anonymous said...

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You might want to reform some of your "rules" if this is indeed the last population with heavy neo blood. Most of the other things you say hold true though: They tend to be stocky , naturally muscular, intelligent, somewhat introverted and serious, and usually come from tight-knit families and highly value blood relations. And off course,there is their century old ambition to separate from Spain and France... they yearn for independence and isolation.

P.S: excuse my english, my native language is spanish.