Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's Magnetic Reversals, Stupid

All real scientific advances start this way.

In the beginning, eccentrics and uncredited fringe cranks present an idea which is so counter-intuitive to the prevailing orthodoxy it is branded as insane. The traditional priesthood is so threatened by the idea they pretend it is irrational and completely without merit, not even warranting consideration.

Then other outsiders get on board. Some people closer to the mainstream concede reluctantly there may be something useful here without actually admitting the new notion is plausible and solves a lot of problems.

After that, your really good academics and intellectuals, the ones who themselves are usually on the outside even in the best of times, chime in and declare there is definitely something here. The usual suspects continue to act as though this heresy is ridiculous and attack everybody associated with it, starting with the original radical thinkers who came up with it.

Within a very short time following this ugly purge and pogrom, it will start to become so obvious that even the dullest laymen will know in their hearts this new paradigm has totally demolished the old one.

Nevertheless, for a long time into the future the orthodoxy will view it with irregular skepticism which is commonly only relieved when they die and are replaced by a new generation who have grown accustomed to it and can discuss it without feeling overwhelming bitterness and hatred towards it no matter how true it might be.

Magnetic reversal is about lighting a candle in the darkness that is called the sum of human knowledge. It is the beginning of honest inquiry into what is going on upon this planet, how we got here and what we have been through. Instead of resorting to UFOs and spirits from another world, we can start to explain things with far greater confidence that there is a foundation of evidence that supports our assertions.

For example ... why are people so amnesiac about the past? Why do they forget what has happened so easily? Perhaps these qualities are necessary on a planet subject to regular catastrophic change. Maybe it is a survival quality in men to get on with it without dwelling too much or too long on your experiences. Can you imagine situations where the capacity for deep self-reflection might not be advantageous to preserving life? I'm sure if you use your imagination a little you can see how that could have happened to mankind. The next time you look into their faces and are wondering how come the lights are on but nobody's home, remember that it is possible that is what has resulted from natural selection. This doesn't mean it is a superior trait. Evolution is not about "superior" traits in the way that most people think. Neanderthals had plenty of "superior" traits and look, the poor bastards are extinct.

P.S. Watch the video at the link and take note ... once again, the oral tradition that white western eggheads are always sneering at is not only the one type of knowledge retrieval that survived - it is to this day proving to be more accurate than the scientific orthodoxy! If I were a career scientist I would do nothing but study ancient myths and then try to discover their basis in fact. I'd have Nobel Prizes stacked to the ceiling in my garage if science worked this way. Unfortunately, it doesn't.


Anonymous said...

You speak of the Neos as the "poor bastards". Does this mean you now longer identify with them? Glad to see you're back.

Think you're right btw. There's a rare "condition" where the people never forget much of anything. It makes their relationships very difficult. And for "normal" people - forgetting is their way of dealing with all kinds of conficts and sorrows.

confident and paranoid said...

The Nobel Prize is worthless. I have no idea why you think being presented with one is any sort of accolade.

Obama -- peace prize

bivvy of groupthink climate scientists -- science prize

keynesian toilet-paper-printing cryptomarxist economists -- economics prize

Anonymous said...

The British embassy in Tehran has just been stormed. Cameron is rattling the sword. Does anyone else besides me smell something fishy here?

Anonymous said...

The condition 11:30 is talking about is Schizophrenia.

Anonymous said...

Some researcher finally publicly announced the fact that he's working on creating deadlier variants of naturally occurring virus, and the fact that he even wants to share this work of evil with others.

Nice. You would think that a civilized man would try to find ways to avoid outbreaks, not find ways to make them deadlier. But sapiens is not a civilized man.

Anonymous said...


Ocean floor geography documentary, 6 Sep 2009.

(A couple of pop-under windows when accessing; just delete them.)

Anonymous said...

Better watch out, Cleve. They'll come after you soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Scientists create light from vacuum

As we know electrons do not orbit the atomic core. Electrons pop in and out of EXISTENCE around the core.

So these scientists simply took a vacuum, a totally empty space and waited for some electrons in that empty space to pop into existence..

And they did.

Where there was nothing, a little patience found something.

So where are they between poppings?

Anonymous said...

China's Nuclear Arsenal up to FORTY times larger than originally estimated.

1500 US Marines in Darwin definitely aint going to save us! The Chinese might just send a few dozen more bombs our way just because our government has been giving them the finger, despite their money keeping us afloat. Its getting close to welding the hatch shut time! How far away is Vault OS? It is 2012 in 4 weeks time!

Anonymous said...

Thought you might like this article, Tex.

Anonymous said...

I hope anom 11:30 is right. All that shit about you being the last of the super-human neandhertals was really off the grid. It sounded like you were a sociopath with a weak ego, not the good old Tex we were used to.

Texas Arcane said...

Sapiens may not believe in God but he believes in genetic egalitarianism. It is a superstitious fallacy baked into the neural hardware of his brain.

Remember, if you're not identical, you must be pathological. That's what Sapiens calls scienmajistical.

Rowan said...

What I keep wondering is: Are Neanderthals, the mega-fauna and so many extinct species coming back?

Various breeds of domesticated animals can be regressed back to their original ancestor. Various crops can be regressed to their ancient forms.

What if life works on some kind of object orientated model? A saber tooth tiger was just another cat. The giant kangaroo was just a kangaroo. Neanderthal was just another type of human. We have identified at least some Neanderthal genes in our DNA. Perhaps it reacts to a change brought about by a magnetic reversal in some way. Or perhaps only some Europeans do this? Or perhaps only homo sapians in a suitable environment at the time?

Maybe we just cycle through many types of human on this planet, depending upon the environmental conditions. Maybe Neanderthal won't be coming back, but something similar, not that the environment will be exactly the same during this ice age, I don't think the Sun is perfectly accurate.

Maybe Tex's kids will give birth to Neanderthals someday and the vault's cats and dogs will start producing some serious problems? Or can things really mutate? We replace most of our bodies pretty quickly depending upon our genes. Could keeping chickens in a vault turn out to be Tex's fatal move?

I don't know.

Interesting times though.

Texas Arcane said...

Thinking exactly like you, Rowan.

I'm starting to believe that both evolution and creationism are inadequate theories preferred by intellectually lazy people.

I'm starting to wonder if our brains are even big enough or smart enough to really understand what is happening on this planet. I think it is on the very outside of what the human mind is capable of comprehending.

This is why I enjoy H.P. Lovecraft so much, because he envisions a universe where the superstitious belief that the tiny human brain is capable of grasping everything in it is ridiculous. It is likely that most of the cosmos is outside our understanding and what little we do understand is only because we have framed it as an analogy we can relate to with our organic background. Just like an orangutang is never going to write tuples with templates in C#, the universe might be a little more than our hardware can wrap around.

I gather that something is happening with these changes in the magnetic field that is intelligent and organized and it results in a vastly changed biosphere in a very rapid time.