Thursday, November 3, 2011

If You Didn't Pack It Like We Told You Ten Years Ago, You're Going To Have To Eat Frankencorn

Double-blind reproducible research done by three different firms, including Monsanto itself, show that animals begin to demonstrate irreversible organ damage within three months of eating this monster lab garbage. Many people consider the pollens from this corn a prime suspect in the bee die-off.

In a few short months this poison is going to be crammed into the food supply the same way aspartame was, despite an overwhelming scientific consensus it will make you die in record time. Some rats showed holes and ragged flaps all the way through their guts that literally leaked their food into their body cavities along with their stomach acids. Death came as a mercy.

Think you can escape by avoiding corn? High fructose corn syrup is in everything across the spectrum of processed foods. It would be like trying to avoid breathing any air for a while.

I've watched them getting this stuff ready for market for the past ten years. I think it was one of the first articles I ran on TEXAS ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT back in 1998.

They've known this entire time this crap is rotgut that will kill sheeple dead like high grade roach powder.

They're going to put it into your food anyway. Sheeple check into the NWO. But they don't check out.


Anonymous said...

Why does Chuck Norris uses that ridiculous auburn toupeƩ, and why the hell he associates with the likes of Glenn Beck?

Anonymous said...

Mr T

I gave up on corn last year, even though I had non-hybrid exemplars lineage dating back to mid '80s

Switched to sorghum, red and black

Drought resistant, FAR better yield, and the stalk can be processed for syrup. For a backyard Inepto like myself to figure this out indicates the truth of it. Soaked, then dried and parched or ground for meal, it's not bad.

GM stuff is pure evil. Get your seed banks now. Now. I'm only half competent due to all the mistakes I've made.

Folks @ UNM have been surveying for about 5 years now in the Americas .... no untainted exemplars left - even in remote mountain valleys in CA and SA

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Chuck Norris will save us. He is into these guys.

Texas Arcane said...

Sorghum I wrote on a list of crops to try out in the Vault-OS portable hydroponics lab when I get it working. Do you know if that can grow as a semi-replacement for corn in a hydroponics setting? I need to investigate just things that have modest or low light requirements. Crops that need bright sunlight a couple hours a day are a no-go.

Anonymous said...

Mr T

As to hydroponic or lo-lite capability for sorghums ? ...

Comrade Igor is clueless

What I do know is that it seeds itself and some's in the yard now that's thriving in cool and fall lite, after harvest in late
summer. I got about 10 pounds from a 10' x 4' patch of mesa sand [albeit amended with kitchen compost for 20 years ]

The self-seeded remnant has remained short, with a spare head.

I do not know the nutritional analysis of the grain, but palatibility is good. Recent studies indicate that wheat lectins [gluten/gliadin] are probably toxic to all - not just the classic celiac patients. I'd be glad to e-mail the studies. Bottom line ? We should probably not eat the toxin-laden seed of the monocotyledon familiy. Bad juju. Prior to Rome, it wasn't a featured food. Author is Sayer Ji

This blew my mind as I considered medical mismanagement and shallow depth of true knowledge : Central Metabolic Syndrome - adult onset type 2 DM, truncal obesity, and hypertension ? ... probably the subclinical manifestation of gluten enteropathy. Found predominantly in Celtic-Teutonic peoples .... seems like they're not engineered for a grass seed diet.

Screw science, I'm still packing White Cheddar Cheez-Itz for the ThunderDome

Ohio Dude