Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Suffrage is wasted on most. Read the end of the article. Some people will never be qualified to pick their own leaders.

Men so feebleminded they can't steal copper for a living without getting injured or killed.

The Kagans were big in the genocide machine in the Soviet Union, as well

Can't even run a post office.

A piece of paper claiming to be worth redeemable gold is not gold.

TOLD YOU It was something in the water


Anonymous said...

Amerikwa becoming a 3rd World Country:

Anonymous said...

Just had to share this one:

My father said to me this morning, he is very upset US forces are being stationed in Darwin, because the Chinese will be very "offended".

He thinks China building aircraft carriers, to project air power all over the world, is not something anyone should be concerned or offended by. In fact he thinks it is a good idea and was angry, I didn't agree.

This is the same guy that salivates over war with Iran, or any war with Islamic nations because, "they are a threat to our freedoms". lol