Thursday, November 10, 2011

Getcha Place In Line For That Flu Vaccine

Right up front. Shove and push so they do you first.

"Severe adverse reactions?" What does that mean when the vaccine is already implicated in all kinds of chronic disabling conditions? I would guess it means "may cause severe case of death if you draw a short straw."

Laws in most Western nations give vaccine manufacturers complete legal immunity to prosecution. They could drop their pants and crap directly into the vat when they are being prepared and you couldn't sue them for a nickel. In that case, why even bother to make it effective or subject it to any standards at all? You could just fill it with vinegar and rubbing alcohol and who would be the wiser? Everyone who get a flu shot gets the flu anyway and gets it bad.

Dead people who get flu shots are considered "reaction" statistics by the pharmaceuticals, not a cause for anything outside compilation. If it began to kill enough people soon enough they might worry they were reducing their customers to one season only patrons. That might prompt them to make some changes ... but I doubt it.

What really amazes me is the companies in the 'Stain that take out a life insurance policy on their peasants and then use it as an excuse to require them to get the flu shot each year over a certain age. When the injection kills their elderly rube, they get paid big time. I think it was outlawed in the Roman empire to treat slaves in this fashion and profit from their murder.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tex, do you really think these vaccines are part of a conspiracy or merely incompetence and corporatism?

I never saw the benefit of making consumer units and wage slaves sick. There are more practical ways that the powers that be could use to get rid of excess humanoids.

- Johnny_Riddle

Red said...

I never get the flu. The one time I got a flu shot I was sick for almost a week from it. Despite all the work place pressure to get the shot I steadfastly refuse to ever get it again.

Anonymous said...

@November 10, 2011 7:06 AM

"Who cares about white women"

Anti-racism debunked. You saw it first, right here on Vault-Co.

This is what anti-racism is really about:

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Anonymous said...

You could pretty much make the same arguement about food or cars or almost anything we do. 6000 people a year die in the U.S. from food poisoning. Not intentional and usually it is the very old, very young or those with a weak immune system. The vaccine is safe, some people do have reactions to it. They may have illnesses, DNA anomolies, inheirited propensity to react to certain proteins, etc. Vaccines save about 100 million lives a year and causes almost no deaths and very few lesser problems. Your choice...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Tex, enjoy your paranoia and conspiracies. Your blog is starting to go off the rails. I think the pressure of devoting so much time and energy to preparing for ITZ without ITZ actually happening is beginning to wear on you.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:20 AM:

"do you really think these vaccines are part of a conspiracy or merely incompetence and corporatism?"

I lean towards incompetence and corporatism. Which is a reason why I don't trust the meme that we should all go for flu shots.

The media of course portrays anti-flu shot people as nutty tinfoil hat people. But I just don't trust the authorities who claim to know better than me because they claim to be one of those scienmajistical types.

The number of deaths from swine flu wasn't that much higher than the usual numbers who die during cold and flu season. The whole hysteria smelled of hype and had scam written all over it.

Is there an added benefit to innoculate everyone with a flu shot? Perhaps on a macro scale there is, but like Bart Simpson, I don't mind weathering a cold or flu so I can find an excuse to call in sick. Best cold and flu medicine is several shots of vodka plus Nyquil and melatonin.

Anonymous said...

Finished reading a book about infrastructure catastrophe and collapse and thought of you Tex. It detailed the events leading up to the failure of big bridges dams causeways etc. and how after thousands or hudnreds died everybody said "who knew"? like it took them by total surprise. Well it turns out that before all these events there is always a nervous nerdy dude that noticed the microscopic cracks and faults and ran around telling anyone who would listen there was a big problem. The way that they dealt with the whistleblower is they fired him or promoted him or moved him and then just ignored his reports. The book was saying some people see things very early but they are uncommon but the majority of the cows just keep chewing their grass until they drown-burn-die and act all shocked.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:49

I am an uber-skeptic, but gotta say that if you're not apprehensive, you're not paying attention. Panic now and beat the rush later on.

The upcoming "whatver" is not the end of the world, but may well be the end of Humanity, or at least a significant portion. Pick a card ... any card ! Famine ? Nuke contam ? major quake/volcanic activity ? WWIII ? Bio-mutation pandemic ? EMP ? ThunderDome, courtesy of the monetary fraud ? here in the states, 'Bongo has been beta-testing class & race animus for full release next year. BANK. ON. IT.

Whatever, it would be wise to sit dow, grab a brew or three and THINK about what you do to enhance your odds. If you value yourself, and believe that some advance preparation might help, then get on to it. feel you have something to contribute ? Share. Preserve yourself, family and friends. Be an asset

As opposed to meat.

Something is gonna go wrong; there are simply too many factors bubbling away. All of them are occurring against a backdrop of generalized Devolution here in the states, and in the Western world in general.

I've been watching t5hese trends since the mid '90s and lemme tell ya this arc will not land softly or well. The only real issue is When, not If. So yea, specific temporal markers may be off. but we can see trajectory, yes ?

Prepare Accordingly