Thursday, November 3, 2011

Experts State The Obvious

Waiting until the planet is deep in ice-age snow and after half the planet has been ravaged by remarkable climate catastrophes, the experts are warning us that we may be seeing some climate changes in the future. Thanks for the heads-up.

It's so simple, even Sapiens could figure it out

I'm just warning you. Going into a new Ice Age with a 1200cc brain about the size of a tangerine and a firm belief that professional wrestling is a real sport does not bode well for Homo Sapiens. This isn't a little dip between Holocenes, either. We're talking a cliff on the temperature graphs if the past two million years of ice cores can be trusted. A brudda be chillin', big time.

The first thing to go will be the elderly, followed by countless millions of people who enjoy careers as fake smart people during the good times. When the sun is out in the middle of summer, all the grasshoppers pretend to be intellectuals at leisure. Then the winter comes and the ants use the frozen bodies of grasshoppers to build windbreaks. The ant is smart. The grasshopper is a solar excess product.


They call me Moe! said...

This is How Ice Ages Begin - A Warning to be Heeded

Uh oh,,,,,

Anonymous said...

you might enjoy this

Anonymous said...

Tex, do you see the scenario as depicted by Strieber and Bell in their book "The Coming Global Superstorm" as being viable?