Saturday, November 19, 2011

European Union : Water Isn't Wet

Central government can govern your life so much better from a great distance than you can locally.


The Pilgrim said...

Actually, water isn't wet; it makes things wet. It's like saying fire is flammable.

Anonymous said...

#facepalm @ The Pilgrim.......

Anonymous said...

Tex, you've got some kind of magic to draw in people to make comments like that first one. Sometimes they are so funny and perfect I think you're writing them yourself.

Rowan said...

I've noticed a slight change in my personality these past few months.

I used to feel depression, frustration and fear when hearing this kind of thing. Now I laugh and cheer on the collapse even though it may lead to my death.

Texas Arcane said...

The reason why news like this is cheering is that it is proof these institutions are not perfect, run by unstoppable James Bond supervillains or orchestrated by minds so superior to our own that we could never hope to oppose them.

It's proof these places are run by morons who are their own worst enemy and that the misfortunes they visit upon the sons of Adam won't last forever. They are busy cutting a circle around their own feet with a chainsaw like Wil E. Coyote and doomed to fall sooner or later.

Vault-Co says any regime that requires its citizens to believe that water doesn't prevent dehydration is going to be a short-lived regime.

Anonymous said...

November 19, 2011 4:53 PM
"Actually, water isn't wet; it makes things wet. It's like saying fire is flammable."

Moshe, is that you? lol

The Pilgrim said...

apparently these anons are too inept to use a dictionary, so i'll help (American Heritage Dictionary):

•Covered or soaked with a liquid, such as water.
•Not yet dry or firm: wet paint.
•Stored or preserved in liquid.
•Used or prepared with water or other liquids

*with* or *in* water/liquid. in other words water is the causal agent for the effect called 'wet', it cannot itself therefore *be* wet.

basic logic, dullards.

The Pilgrim said...

btw tex, ironic that all these anons follow your blog given your admiration for Nietzsche.

"What? you are seeking? you want to multiply yourself by ten, by a hundred? you are seeking followers?--Seek noughts!" ~Nietzsche.

Humourous, no?

Anonymous said...

Hey Pilgrim, Brawno gots elec-truh-lites!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the story has a supervillain after all:

"My former colleagues at the IMF are running around trying to justify bailouts of €1.5trn-€4trn, but what does that mean?" says Simon Johnson. "It means bailing out the creditors 100 per cent. It is another bank bailout, like in 2008: The mechanism is different, in that this is happening at the sovereign level not the bank level, but the rationale is the same."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"basic logic, dullards."

You have no idea what we are laughing at do you? lol

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy of the Left:

Anonymous said...

Pilgrim = facepalm

The Pilgrim said...

""basic logic, dullards."

You have no idea what we are laughing at do you? lol"

actually, i think you are the ones that are confused. it's like a little piece of your world is shattering. "could...could our cult leader tex have actually said something stoopid? no...NOOOOO! Cancel the circle jerk! We have a crisis!"

lulz ya later anon.

The Pilgrim said...

"Pilgrim = facepalm"

"Anonymous, man your battle stations! Memes at the ready! We have an intruder!"

Quite a little collection of noughts you've gathered, tex. like lookin' in a mirror, ain't it? XD

Anonymous said...

I think the ruling is that water isn't especially hydrating so claiming that it's superior to other beverages as a cure for dehydration is, while common sense, not factually accurate and can't be used in advertising.

I mean, it's still irrelevant bullshit but it's not like they're saying water doesn't hydrate you, it just doesn't hydrate you more than things that contain water.

Anonymous said...

November 21, 2011 3:21 PM

I'd tell you to keep on guessing, but we'd be here for thousands of years. Wish we had that kind of time. XD

Anonymous said...

I think some European Bureaucrat Potentials must have found Tex's blog.

Common sense? We don't need no stinking common sense!

Anonymous said...

It took three years and a team of scientists in Italy to come up with this ruling. Three years and the vast sums of money such a long paper trail and a team would take for this trivial garbage?

This farce alone would be enough to line them up against the wall and have them shot or banished in better times.

Tex, congratulations on the new shill. It's like you've got your own jester.

Anonymous said...

Another viewpoint might be:

that different wet objects each have a particular wetness, say, measured by what percentage of its respective total is water? (By volume, by weight, by whatever.)

An object of 'pure water', then, would be the 'wettest', as it is totally water: the upper limit.