Monday, November 28, 2011

Europe : Going, Going, Gone

Globalism is stupid and doesn't work. Before it is so obvious even the peasants can figure it out, there will be martial law.

Remember, whatever it is and no matter how bad it is, it's all for your own good and the ends justify the means.

The destruction part they have down. It's the creation part I am skeptical about. I don't think the elites do that. Ever.


Anonymous said...

Well, John of Patmos detailed that the anti-christ will rule the nations, so they create 'something' that is for sure.

It's just oh so amusing to know that once God is ready, they are all f--ked and 'set to fail'

- deadman.

Anonymous said...

The weakening of continental Europe's economic stability in order to prevent the formation of a geopolitical entity strong enough to challenge London-New York financial-geopolitical supremacy has been a long strategy of Rothschild-Soros and Co. It is certainly no coincidence that the cheerleaders of the Euro-break up who accuse Germany of wanting to resurrect the "Third Reich" in order to prevent it come from the press controled by said financier-oligarch interests in London.

Make no mistake, this is targeted against Russia and the further integration between Berlin and Moscow. As much as the the CIA-Mossad sponsored "Arab spring" was against Russian and Chinese geopolitical interests in not leaving them breathing space and access to resources in the Middle-East and North Africa. It is the reason why the pro-Russian regime in Belgrade was targeted. It is the reason why Syria is now targeted. The Euro crisis is part of the greater geopolitical game on part of the Anglo-American empire to maintain its hegemony and prevent the rise of Russian influence in Europe. Similar developments are taking place in the Asia-Pacific region to prevent the rise of Chinese influence. The missile defense shield in Europe is used to maintain this hegemony on military level. The euro crisis is used to maintain it on economic level as the goal isn't the European Superstate, that the British populist press is whining about, but the economic fragmentation of the EU, similar to the tactic followed in the Balkans and the middle east on ethnic level, and the weakening of the political power of core states like Germnany for the benefit of the financial power of internationalist bankers and the London-New York financier interests.

Look up for the name Alfred Herrhausen and why he was murdered in 1989. He was a German banker who was favoring a rebuilding plan for the former Eastern European countries that was opposed to the London-New York power elite plan because it wouldn't allow them to loot Russia during the 90's under Yeltsin. He opposed the destruction and fragmentation of Yugoslavia and the creation in the Balkans of a new middle east. He was murdered allegedly by a "leftist terrorist group", the usual useful idiots/patsies. Which reminds you of another "Marxist" who was solely blamed for the assassination of a US President, who, coincidentally, was opposed to the agenda of certain financial interests and the shadow government for world domination.

Anonymous said...

"but the economic fragmentation of the EU"

I hope the EU fragments, crashes and burns. I want Europe to return to what it has always been. A place of different peoples and cultures. Not the ugly hegemonic disaster it is becoming.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the return to the "old regime" of divine kingship previously discussed on vault-co. Here's an interesting article I found. It explains why true capitalism is being demonized by leftists/liberals who, as always, play the useful idiot role of the elites by putting the blame on a system that worked, and taking the blame away from the few individuals who perpetrated the crisis because they believed the existing (capitalist) system could no longer serve their interests:

"Without some liberty, ambition cannot be pursued; without some prosperity, how could accumulation be pursued? In the post-capitalist world, the capitalist virtues will be demonised. This will be very important, in getting people to accept poverty and regimentation…”


"In this new world system there will be no prosperous middle class. Indeed, the new regime will very much resemble the old days of royalty and serfdom (the ancien rĂ©gime). The banksters are the new royal family, with the whole world as their dominion. The technocrats who run the global bureaucracies, and the mandarins who pose as politicians in the residual nations, are the privileged upper class. The rest of us, the overwhelming majority, will find ourselves in the role of impoverished serfs – if we are lucky enough to be one of the survivors of the collapse process."

Anonymous said...

This is what treason looks like: Greece's data had to look worse that they really were in order to start the crisis, invite the IMF and then spread the crisis and the IMF/Goldman Sachs rule in the rest Europe. Sorry to break it down to the sheeple, but if you still believe this crisis had to do with "lazy PIIGS", corruptuun and tax-evatuuun you're the biggest moron that has ever lived. Of course, you can just try and discredit FT as a "conspiracy site" so that we can laugh even more at you:

This is just the scapegoat bureaucrat-functionary who will pay the price so that the Rothschild-Soros protected agents/politicians who are really responsible can get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Anon November 29, 2011 2:24 PM

The people who designed this destabilization and fragmentation of the Eurozone, where countries are now at each other's throats, didn't exactly have "A place of different peoples and cultures" in mind. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

November 30, 2011 5:03 PM

The EU always meant GeNOcide for the unique peoples of Europe and the cultures they created.

Under the EU there would be no England, France, Germany and Spain, etc.

It would all be one integrated and assimilated hegemony. One coffee colored race, with White people mixed and blended out of existence.

They have always been open about their intentions towards us Whites. They said they wanted a Coffee Colored World - well DUH... that means no White people, doesn't it?

What I do care about is the wheels are falling off the anti-White system, as everyone with half a brain said it would and I feel fine. :)

Germany is the product of Germans.

Africa is the product of Africans.


Anonymous said...

December 1, 2011 9:06 PM

The current crisis isn't a product of "race", moron. Get a fucking clue. I'm conservative-right wing, anti-immigration anti-multicultularism myself, but you sound like a retarded redneck on crack who goes around babbling the same genocide bullshit no matter what the subject. You think your repetitive bullshit can apply anywhere and anytime. It doesn't explain why Germany, a country with by far the biggest industrial output in Europe, state of the art infrastructure and legendary efficiency, soon won't be able to sell bonds, while thirld world shitholes like Britain and the US that produce nothing but debt,paper, derivatives and zogbux are able to borrow much cheaper. Italy has also massive car industry, an aerospace industry, the best fashion industry in the world with Northern Italy having the best standard of living in all Europe, yet it's 10 year bond is more than 7 %. Someone is targeting the production-based economy of Europe in order to replace it with the Anglo-American-Jewish zogbux system and replace political rule inside the EU with the rule of the "markets". Cheerleading about it means you support the very same people who promote multiculturalism, massive flow of immigration, globalism and the loss of national identity and sovereignty.

Anonymous said...

crunch time. december 9th.


Anonymous said...

I didn't see credible sources cited in the article.

I have a contrarian view: the crisis will be made to serve the goal of tighter unity and consolidation in the euro state. They can no longer afford the prior level of national power, and must remove more national/local control. Which could never be achieved openly or democratically. The people won't stand for it, but if you hold the spectre of economic destruction over their heads...