Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Entire Landmass of Europe Set To Declare Chapter 11 In Early 2012

So here we are. This is where the European Union was taking everyone. They've arrived but they still have not seen fit to blame the idiot driving the bus for running them off a cliff.

Vault-Co says sometime early next year, all the individual nations sucked into this massive ponzi scheme are going to wake up. They're going to wake up and do what humans normally do when they wake up from the deep anaesthesia they call living and they are going to go stark raving mad. They're going to burn everything in sight and they're going to give up on the rule of law and it's going to be every man for himself. People do that when they have nothing left to lose ... and the rubes are nearly there.

Of course, the 'Stain will leave the biggest crater of them all.

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Europe is finished: