Thursday, November 24, 2011

Druids Sacrificing 180+ Elderly A Day In Britain

There are going to be many more lost lives to lies before it is over. The British government should have started to prepare for this cooling cycle twenty years ago. Coal should have been stockpiled and subsidized to make certain their own citizens did not freeze to death.


Anonymous said...

What does the gov't care about the elderly? They are all used up..... just a drain on resources better spent on encouraging the dark immigrants to have more children.

The Senior Citizens in the Kwa or in Britistan are mostly white, Christian people who worked most of their lives and paid their taxes. Let 'em freeze and make way for the new "Westerner"...a muslim who has never worked a day in his or her life, but has produced 12 children.


Anonymous said...

In defense of the government, they're just doing what the idiot elders voted for. They actually had a choice to vote for Enoch Powell or Oswald Mosley or whoever.

The youth don't have a chance; the old did. Karma wins at some point.