Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Devil's Handmaidens

Satan has a church of his own on earth and anyone who does not have scales on their eyes could see it. I would guess at random that Lucifer's church would specialize in infant buggery and publishing satanic doctrine and theology.

They dress in black so you will know they are the bad guys. The good guys also do not wear cones on their head and carry magic staffs.

You know them by their fruits. Forbidding to marry and claiming that men can accept confession and bestow grace. Compare with scripture and you be the judge.


Anonymous said...

They are no different from the rest of them- the stooges, the hollow meat puppets that their holy one, the father of lies, the adversary has in place to cause misery and destruction. Just a different facade, a mask.
I'll never forget reading "1ntensity", by Dean K00ntz. While peering inside the mind of the main antagonist, a sociopathic killer, the book writes, "He thinks of Christ on the vertical bed of dogwood, and the idea of the meek inheriting the earth makes him
smile. He doesn't wish to inherit anything. He is a raging fire, powerful and hot; he will burn all the color out
of this world, consume every scintilla of sensation that it has to offer, and he will leave behind a realm of
ashes. Let the meek inherit ashes."
A good summation of the basic motivations of the people the devil has in his toolbox. Just like their daddy, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Another day, another catholic bashing by the kosher media. Once again Texas Arcane plays on their bagpipes.

When evil imps crap on the catholic insitutions, true catholics don't abandon their faith. The shitting can come from within or from outside, it doesn't matter. If you disagree with my position, you might want to look into what is happenning with the churches and adherents associated with your protestant denomination. After you do that, you should abandon that denomination if you are consistent.

Btw, this explains a lot about the catholic satanism of late:

Anonymous said...

Even Christ had a traitor amongst his disciples. All of the other apostles also sinned or doubted their faith in one way or another. I wonder why you think the catholics have it worse then whatever church you frequent or whatever doctrine you adhere to.

Specially considering the times we live in...

- Johnny_Riddle

Anonymous said...

"You know them by their fruits"

I am thinking about the fruits of the Catholic Church now. The only church that remains true to scripture and to the tradition of early Christianity. The greatest art, the greatest philosophers and the greatest theological works. It shaped western civilization and it saved it from pagans and heathens who tried to destroy it across millenia.

What are the fruits of calvinism, by the way? Besides churches that hang rainbow flags on their doorsteps and kiss up to ZOG? You know there is something wrong with your "religion" when Fred Phelps is its greatest exponent, btw.

Anonymous said...

P.S: Calvinism is just really funny. It is as if the pharisees themselves reinterpreted Christianity.

If there is no free will and you were born saved, why do you even live? If there is no free will, does that mean God is responsible for our sins? If material wealth means holy favor, how come so many khazars and satanists are rich and powerful? If material wealth means salvation, does that mean the Rothschilds and Rockefellers have their place in heaven?

Was Calvin too drunk to think about his heresies? Too busy counting his golden coins? Why do you believe this little man? Why is it better than following on the true Christian tradition?

Anonymous said...

Ha, and I guess the good ol' Protestant US is the country of the Lord, please spare the hatred of the doctrine of God. John Cauvin was a heretic and now burning in hell as will the "Pope" you seem to despise.

Texas Arcane said...

I love to run these links because I know the baby-ass-assault team will show up and start defending their sepulchre of the horny frock.

The only thing funnier than defending the official church of scat porn and infant buggery is when they inquire about Calvinist theology.

Your beef isn't with calvinism. It's with scripture itself, which you do not accept as an authority in these matters. Your beef is with God himself, the author of these ideas.

If anybody can point me to a Calvinist church with a rainbow flag out front and a ZOG fund, I'd like to see it. There's a reason Calvinism is forbidden and banned and that is because it is decidedly not kosher.

Let me take you back to the 1800's when preachers all over the United States were piling the "free" Scofield concordance in their front lawns on Sunday and burning them in pyres as the devil's own scripture. That is what is called mainstream Krisschannity today. There is a reason they gave away Scofield's book for free for over a hundred years and that is because it is pure evil that nobody in their right mind would have paid for.

Anonymous said...

I never saw any catholic defending child abusers. Most of the ones I know are deeply offended and would gladly hang the sons of bitches if they were given the chance. A man that feels the need to hurt a child in such way is as much of a Catholic as you are. No person that believes in God would ever do such a thing anyway.

I'm not sure why you feel the need to offend Catholic Christians on these terms. They worship the same God and read the same Bible you do, except that they follow a 2000 year tradition that started with Christ himself.

They don't name themselves after heretical charlatans like John Calvin and they pay no attention to their "advice" on how to interpret scripture. To them the tradition of their ancestors is good enough. They understand that playing with the meaning of the holy book will only lead to pride, dissent and divide. And these are exactly the fruits of the "reform" started by known drunkards and fornicators Luther and Calvin. They were not saints, they were not blessed and they were not prophets. They were power hungry mongrels that used wit, cunning and politics to have their way, exploiting gullibility and lust of those that could not live by tradition.

And fools like you bought it.


Anonymous said...

P.S: The Christian Bible was compiled and translated by the early catholic church circa 3rd or 4th century A.D. it didn't fall out of heaven on a parachute as you seem to believe. Your beloved King James is nothing but a translation with a few edits thrown in to make things such as divorce acceptable.

Might want to throw it away if you really think our Church is alligned with Satan. Just go with the flow and believe in your lord calvin. He had a special grapevine to Heaven and knew exactly the meaning of the covenant, right? Break and take away 2000 years of the church of Peter and its holy tradition, this little french confidence man called Jean Cauvin knows what is right.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:21 ....


suggest you read the recent release of "Screwtape Letters' by CS Lewis; his nephew put in a postword where Screwtape addresses a graduating class.


Prepare Accordingly. God speed


Texas Arcane said...

Christianity is teh hard.

Texas Arcane said...

95% of the people who call themselves Christians, particularly in the United States, are on rocket rails to hell.

Fred Phelps is the only good Christian minister left in the 'Stain. The rest are flatterers and respecters of men. Phelps cares enough to tell the damned the truth, not what they want to hear. Sorry about God not being in line with your church's doctrines but as you will learn, he is a very scary entity to quake and tremble when we think of him. Don't be afraid of what the people in your church will say, rather be afraid of the judgement passed on you by the almighty. All wisdom begins with the fear of God.

Anonymous said...

"You know them by their fruits"

Exactly. Like JFK for instance. The only President who tried to reverse the long drawn out globalist plan of a world government by refusing to adopt the interventionist strategy and have the US as global cop - the means by which this plan is carried out up to our days. You see, these people were right not to want a Catholic as President, and will never allow it to happen again. There is always much danger that a Catholic will put God and Country above any human plan designed to abolish the rule God and replace it with the rule of man. We know where these attacks against the Catholic Church come from and why. It must really drive them crazy that Catholic priests aren't acting as ZOG infiltrators who go around burning Korans to feed the Muslim-hating war-machine:

Anonymous said...

"I never saw any catholic defending child abusers. Most of the ones I know are deeply offended and would gladly hang the sons of bitches if they were given the chance. "

If you tell your priests, monks and nuns, they are not allowed to have sex or procreate, the only people you will attract, will be the abnormal ones.

Anonymous said...

Brothers, I have to agree with Tex about Phelps. He knows that he is being offensive, but he feels that he is in a war to the death to wake America up - by any means necessary. Think about it, young American Christians are fighting and dying for a Nation that despises them and has every intention of taking Christ out of the Schools, stadiums, army chapels, churches, and ultimately everywhere. His name will be criminalized if trends continue.

I met Phelph's daughter, the lawyer, at a demonstration. She is an extremely beautiful person, glowing with grace, a flame of fire.

Anonymous said...

I guess that "2000" year old tradition is okay because it burned and tortured people for kicks and political gain and money, took bribes, lined it's own pockets, ran brothels, killed its own at a whim in power struggles, etc.

How many people has Tex raped, robbed and tortured to death? Zero.

I'd say that was a win for Tex.

No doubt the ranting crazies will try to whitewash history in defence of their baby raping cult. On Sunday they will donate money to their gods, the church and pope, and help defend other baby rapers with the legal funds too.

They call me Moe! said...

Do bears sh*t in the Vatican?

Anonymous said...

The same Fred Phelps who paid tribute and supported Al Gore and others? The guy is nothing but an attention whore and publicity stunter. Christianity is not about invading Christian funerals with signs and posts about hell and sin.

The guy is scum, and if you admire him I see no point in even continuing this argument. "Worshipper of men" indeed.


Anonymous said...

People, don't you know Christianity was invented in the 16th century by a swiss con artist named John Calvin? You just haven't been keeping up with the times.

Anonymous said...

"If you tell your priests, monks and nuns, they are not allowed to have sex or procreate, the only people you will attract, will be the abnormal ones."

Oy vey, the opinion and the truth endorsed and repeated by the kosher media 24/7, it must be true. That must be the reason why protestant sexual abuse charges outnumber catholic sexual abuse charges 40:1 in America. Don't put the cart before the horse.

Following Christ's apostles on their commitment to remain chaste and devoted entirely to God must be very hard, but it does not mean people who embrace the calling will eventually become insane sodomites. If it did we wouldn't have so many married people in all walks of life abusing little kids, specially the protestant ministers who do it so often. Satan targets everyone and their minion seek to infiltrate every human institution. Don't be so quick to dismiss our capacity to serve either master with complete devotion; be it God or Devil.

Anonymous said...

"Following Christ's apostles on their commitment to remain chaste and devoted entirely to God must be very hard"

Only when you are sterile, are you pure?

That nothing but a Religion of Death.

It is not by accident that I keep bringing the degenerate Zoroastrianism of St. Paul’s time into my overview.

First, remember that by the time of Christ Zoroastrianism was well over thousand years old and I am talking about a DEGENERATE FORM of Zoroastrianism. Z was a healthy religion which allowed only Aryans to join it — just as one had to swear one was of “pure Hellenic blood” to be in the real Olympics of the time.

There was absolutely nothing in old Zoroastrianism, or for that matter in old Judaism, to have made Paul such a fanatical enemy of women.

It goes carefully unnoticed in theology schools that that screaming opposition to marriage and children had nothing whatever to do with anything Jesus said or, excepting Eve, the Old Testament contained.

The demand for sterility began with total abruptness with St. Paul.

The four Gospels were carefully chosen when Constantine, whom the bishops referred to as the bishop of bishops though he had never even been baptized, held a council for that purpose.

Before the fourth century there were many, quite possibly hundreds, of Gospels, each of which was recognized by a segment of Christianity as THE Gospel.

You can almost date a rejected Gospel, like the Gospel of Judas, by how much of the Death Religion, the hate women verbiage, that it has in it. That is fascinating to me, since I make not the slightest claim to special Biblical knowledge beyond my Bible Belt upbringing. But I can date a “false” Gospel better than any scholar who does not know this simple rule.

Texas Arcane said...

St. Paul's admonition appears in a completely different light when you understand its perspective.

It is not marriage and reproduction he was attacking. He was erring on the side of caution when he admonished others it is better to marry than to burn. Seen in the right context, it is a powerful advocacy of marriage, the institution of the family and the getting of children. St. Paul was saying mankind is so wicked that it they must harness their sexual drives inside the bonds of matrimony in order for any good to ensue. This is true in so many ways I don't even know how to begin. Human sexuality outside of the institution of marriage is nothing but a runaway train headed for the edge of a cliff. Fathering children outside of wedlock without attending to their parentage and upbringing is what they do in Africa. It doesn't work. It is a physiological wrecking ball.

One strong word from St. Paul and a touch of sarcasm informed by wisdom, the damned Catholic Church tells people for a thousand years that their priests are holy and can forgive sins because they practice celibacy.

St. Paul wasn't preaching celibacy, morons, he was preaching abstinence or marriage!! It's so simply a manboon could figure it out!!!

Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick ...

SICK!!! The Catholic Church is a shovel of turds in an ideological blender set to puree. It is the smell that gives it away.

Anonymous said...

That is the matter with you protestants heretics. Your silly re-interpretations are a compromise with true Christianity and scripture. That and the fact that you swallow televitz bullshit like it is candy, off course. If being celibate turned people into sick pervs then St. Paul would certainly be a notorious kiddie bumper. That, and we also wouldn't have so many protestant pervs. Nobody is pure, that is why embracing such a calling is difficult.

You wouldn't know a thing about it, though. Calvinists in particular know nothing about sacrifice or charity. They are the offshoot that embraced wealth and power as a blessing, the modern day pharisees without a doubt. Not to derail, though. It is a well known fact that calvinists welcome shitpushers into their ministry. Just go to your local presbyterian "church" and check the rainbow flag on the front door. Not sure why you have legitimacy to make a fuzz about everything considering the facts.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read the Bible, Tex Arcane? The apostles were unmarried and Christ ordered then to remain celibate and focused entirely on matters of faith. By decree of apostolic sucession, that is what a true priest must do. Not a job fit for everyone, off course. It takes a true test of faith to follow this road of sacrifice and service to God and the faithfull. My brother has and he is a good man and a true man of God.

You must eventually choose between the diabolical heresies of John Calvin and the doctrine of God contained in Scripture. You can't serve two masters. Choose either God or man.

- Johnny_Riddle

Texas Arcane said...

You guys think everybody who is not a Catholic must be a Calvinist. The presbyterians are calvinists now? I don't think you know much about calvinism.

Fred Phelps is a calvinist. The rest of those pukes are whatever organized religion tells them to be.

Anonymous said...

"Just go to your local presbyterian "church" and check the rainbow flag on the front door. Not sure why you have legitimacy to make a fuzz about everything considering the facts."

Fred Phelps

You certainly know what you are talking about. lol

"It takes a true test of faith to follow this road of sacrifice and service to God and the faithfull. My brother has and he is a good man and a true man of God."

Holy Self Hatred.

To be Pure you must be Sterile.

The Religion of Death.

People like you are the origin of the self hating White leftards.

The only difference between them and you, is they don't believe in God.

Anonymous said...

What you admire you admire about Phelps? You might want to read what his own children have to say about him, for starters. The other commenters are probably trying too hard, but they are right in that disturbing christian funerals and praying for the damnation of others is as evil as it gets. Phelps knows nothing about Christianity and its meaning, he wants attention, money and power. You can see that in his eyes and in his actions.

And I agree that your argument about "judging a tree by its fruits" sounds farsical with all things considered. When pressed to find the fruits of calvinism, one can only find territories without religion, debauched churches and... Fred Phelps. It is hard to take your denomination seriously on those terms.

- Johnny_Riddle

Anonymous said...

"Presbyterianism refers to a number of Christian churches adhering to the Calvinist theological tradition within Protestantism, which are organized according to a characteristic Presbyterian polity."

But I know what you mean. Stalin wasn't really a communist and Obama isn't really a black kenyan. It is not condemning of calvinism that all churches that adhere to its doctrine are now synagogues of satan. It must be all a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Westboro Baptist Church women have true grit. Now I see where you get it from Tex.

Westboro Baptist Church - Protest in Seattle 6/13/09 - Jael Phelps

Anonymous said...

"Have you ever read the Bible, Tex Arcane? The apostles were unmarried and Christ ordered then to remain celibate and focused entirely on matters of faith"

I can't believe you put those two sentences together. XD

"married apostles"

November 11, 2011 7:50 PM is right about St Paul.

In this passage he recommends marriage if you cannot control yourself.

“Now to the unmarried and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I am. But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion” (1 Corinthians 7:8-9).

Anonymous said...

Tex at 9:30

You don't know much about calvinism if you don't know the presbyterian church is calvinist. Just use wikipedia or something.

Nothing wrong in feeling shame for it. If I were a calvinist I would. Denial isn't a good alternative though, take it as it comes.

Anonymous said...

November 12, 2011 2:21 PM

Moron, don't you know there is a difference between words and real world outcomes?

Hey, I've decided to call myself a billionaire from now on. According your argument, you would say I am a billionaire.

You must be one of those Manboons Tex keeps talking about. Jibber, jabber, jibber, jabber...

Anonymous said...

Anom 10:18-

Fail. You clearly follow the worlds of charlatans and not the words of Christ himself, who claimed celibacy lead to to a state of higher spiritual enlightenment and urged his apostles to abandon their families and dedicate themselves entirely to religion.

Alas, your "Christianity lite 2.0" doesn't cut it with the Lord. You guys can squeal all you want, just like little piggie Calvin did. The only way to justify living a doctrine of justification of wealth and worship of hate is to ignore what Christ himself said.

Anonymous said...

"28Then Peter said: Behold, we have left all things, and have followed thee.

29Who said to them: Amen, I say to you, there is no man that hath left house, or parents, or brethren, or wife, or children, for the kingdom of God's sake,

30Who shall not receive much more in this present time, and in the world to come life everlasting."

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. Both Christ and Paul stated that celibacy was the ideal way for a christian. The apostles had no family or property on their tail and Christ congratulated them for it.

And according to Calvin preachers should have extensive families and wealth? Does not compute with scripture. A servant of God dedicated entirely to conversion and matters of faith can't have earthly concerns such as a sex life, teenage daughters and gas bills.

That must be why calvinist churches are so debauched and every region of the world associated with it is now majority atheist. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

"He who is unmarried cares for the things of the Lord - how he may please the Lord. But he who is married cares about the things of the world — how he may please his wife. There is a difference between a wife and a virgin. The unmarried woman cares about the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit. But she who is married cares about the things of the world — how she may please her husband. And this I say for your own profit, not that I may put a leash on you, but for what is proper, and that you may serve the Lord without distraction."

You guys read too much Calvin and not enough Scripture. A priest who has earthly concerns such as keeping his wife happy and supporting an extensive family is not an effective priest.

Could that be one of the reasons you guys have such a hard time finding a good example of a calvinist church? Like communism, it is a twisted ideology that was not made for reality and meant to die out in failure from the start. After all, it ignores the principles given by God in the covenant. It is a doctrine of men made to justify living an earthly life and ignoring the sacrifice and penance asked by the Lord. If you really fear God, stop trying to twist the covenant in order to embrace a material life.

- Johnny_Riddle

Anonymous said...

Lol, westboro baptist church.

No comment.

Texas Arcane said...

The Catholic Church is supposed to be indifferent to blood or origins and yet they have been dedicated to the extinction of whites from off the planet for 1500 years. The Catholic Church is the devil's poison for whites and they have been dying slowly with it's jackboots on their throats every waking second the church has existed since it was founded. It has murdered our best women at the hands of the inquisitor Torquemada and wasted the best of our men in it's priesthood. It is a destroyer like Satan himself and kills everything it touches. Only a madman or fool would give so much as a penny to this group of costumed buffoons and racketeers. It is best extinguished by taking away it's oxygen which is mammon. If you stop feeding that dog it will eventually starve to death.

Anonymous said...

Except it is the only church that actually wants its members to have children and it is the official religion of the only "white" regions left on earth(i.e: Baviera, Poland, as others mentioned).

I think that before you begin to spout televitz baloney you have to look at the facts. If Calvinism was the "true" christian denomination then its surviving institutions woldn't allow abortion and gay preachers. They also wouldn't be located in multikult paradises such as the netherlands.

Remember also that you name yourself after a man that burned heretics and witches. Torquemada is no worse then Calvin, except by numbers. Hypchrisy doesn't make you look good.

Stop the lies, start the truth.