Friday, November 25, 2011

Deportation To Antarctica for All Druids Worldwide

They shouldn't mind, after all it is warming up there, right? It should be a tropical paradise by the time they arrive. That's why every recent expedition there has required an emergency rescue from the cold.

Largest criminal conspiracy that we know of in mankind's history. You are talking about trillions of dollars of tax revenues worldwide paid to people who knowingly defrauded the public of their money. The idea we would put a man in jail for stealing a car and allow one of these scoundrels to enjoy a single day of freedom ever again as long as he lives renders the rule of law utterly meaningless.

Hard time in zebra stripes breaking rocks for every damned one of these scumbags for the rest of their adult lives without possibility of parole, starting with that human tapeworm Michael Mann.

P.S. I read some of the responses by Mann over at the RealClimate site to these emails. I kid you not, this creature has voided his lease on this planet. Now that the people who ran defense for him at Penn State have been revealed to be baby rapists and child buggering psychotics, it is time that Mann was stripped of all credentials and turned out into the street. No institution with any desire to maintain any credibility would continue to certify this crank for another 24 hours.


Anonymous said...

My favorite:

"I am not convinced that the “truth” is always worth reaching if it is at the cost of damaged personal relationships"

Anonymous said...

When's your Mini Ice Age going to get to Europe Tex? It's 18 degrees Celsius warmer there than last year at the moment...

Anonymous said...

-uc UnfortunatelyCA
"this creature [Mann] has voided his lease on this planet" lol

Tex, I hope you checked out my rendition of your entry yesterday: "Biggest Scientific Fraud in History..."

I think skeptics like your take on it! (Though the real-science blog doesn't really get a ton of traffic. It should, though. Good, and easy.)

Again, see it at: