Saturday, November 19, 2011

Daily Briefing 80,000 B.C.

Melonhead : "What do we do with the Enkidu when we find them?"

Huge Throng of Homo Sapiens : "Exterminate them, your excellence! The only good Enkidu is a dead Enkidu!"

Melonhead : "That is correct. Who do we kill? We kill the men, we kill the women, we kill the children. None of the rodeo clowns is to be left alive, is that understood?"

Tiny Voice in Back of Throng : "... except for the hot babes ..."

Melonhead : "What was that? What did one of you say?!?"

Tiny Voice in Back of Throng : "We kill them all ... unless there is a really hot girl ..."

Melonhead : (Enraged) "NO, NO and NO again! How many times do we have to go over this? All of the Enkidu must die, including the females! We just had a Powerpoint presentation on this yesterday! I thought I made myself clear!! This is a final solution to the Enkidu, none must be spared!"

Tiny Voice : "They must all die!"

Melonhead : "Yes! All of them! Without exception! Enki's mistake must be rectified!"

Huge Throng of Homo Sapiens : " ... except ... unless they are hot babes!"

(Melonhead is visibly stressed, starts to turn red and develops nervous tic beneath eye whilst fuming with rage)

Assistant To Melonhead : "My lord, you must be patient with them. They were mixed heavily with rhesus monkeys and several other primates for conformity when they were manufactured. I am sure another briefing or two and we will train this misunderstanding out of them. They get the gist, that is what is important."


Anonymous said...

excellent vignette! -uc

Anonymous said...

The facts indicate something of this nature was what was happening at this time! Good one Mr T.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha
love your work, and sence of humour


Anonymous said...

Tex, still giggling to myself as I type this. Have you read Entangled by Graham Hancock? I haven't yet, but I know part of the story involves this extermination. Just curious. BTW, where DID you find the minutes from that briefing? Under the Sphynx's paw? The Vatican library? Direct download from the Akashic record?

Keep up the good work, you heretic, you.


Anonymous said...

Who are the Melons Heads again? Are they aliens?

AfterLife said...

the native americans seem to show facial characteristics of the neanderthals.

Anonymous said...

Mr T, what is your opinion on interracial breeding?

Texas Arcane said...

There are no aliens.

It's like Homo Sapiens said, "No race of men ever lived with a larger penis than mine. Any biped with a penis one inch larger than mine would have to be from outer space or another dimension of reality because my penis is the largest any penis can become without supranormal help from a science fiction deus ex machina of some sort."

Melonheads were a ruling class with brains larger than those of modern people. I would bet you anything they still had to take their pants down to crap and probably suffered from various problems due to heavy inbreeding. There is no question of any kind this breed of humans existed and they have always been found in royal tombs and associated with the ruling class.

We hominids have officially been established as existing in something similar to our present basic design for at least 8 million years. That's enough time for the race of melonheads and maybe one million other types of intelligent, tool using hominids to have developed, peaked and vanished. We know specifically of these assholes called the melonheads because their remains are all over the planet and because 75% of their slaves tried to shape their own children's heads to look like their heads.

For all we know, the melonheads may have supplanted an even earlier race the likes of which we cannot even imagine, two-legs and five fingers just like us.

Outside of big heads and little mammalian empathy, they were men like any other men, vain and self-centered, lusty and cruel. Whatever technology they may have mastered, at some points it was the equal or better of our own. I don't pretend to know if they made it to the moon or mars or orbits, but I wouldn't regard it as impossible.

There were never any aliens, dude. It's a very big universe and chances are that any creatures who could cross it would not give a piss about our planet. Only God regards us as important and he decided the melonheads and their "watchers," the Nephilim, were marked for death but for reasons only he understands, preserved the races of Esau and Jacob to the present day, with all their many flaws. That clear enough for you?

For all we know, God's patience may have just about run out with our two races as well, so stay on your toes and keep it all in perspective.

Texas Arcane said...

The really interesting question you have to ask yourself is this ... did any of the melonheads or nephilim escape the "flood" and survive to the present day? Some of the apocrypha and even canon scripture seems to indicate they did. Esau's sons were still discovering them trying to mix in with humans right up to the founding of Jerusalem and God commissioned them to kill these bastards wherever they were found.

Is it possible they had descendants in the Pharoahs and then some of the British Royals? I'll let you decide. We get a lot of mystery visitors from the "City of London" on this site if you've ever watched my hit globe.

Remember, I am only a petty ranteur and amusing rodeo clown.

Anonymous said...

"Who are the Melons Heads again?"

Anonymous said...

If we look at the way their existence and agenda has been clearly implied in numerous Hollywood movies, it seems their remnants are still among us:

Anonymous said...

"We get a lot of mystery visitors from the "City of London" on this site if you've ever watched my hit globe."

I assume that most people reading this blog, wouldn't understand the significance of the City of London.

I only found out about it earlier this year. You should post some articles that explain it some time.

Anonymous said...

London, did someone say London? Where is David Icke when you need him. In any event, Goliath of Gath was a mere 9 feet tall. Og of Bashan a healthy 13. But who were their sires, who the Sons of God? Surely Erich Von can't have been wrong about everything. Not a man of his intellect! His bloated face, is it the face on Mars? And his red nose - did it guide his sleigh towards Truth?

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 11:59

Great pictures as examples.

What is really sad about the current generation is that they think brain mass is not important, according to scienmajistic types like Oprah Winfrey.

The average dolt really thinks a man with a 2000cc+ brain would be roughly the same intellectually as any other man. This sort of person would be able to think circles around them. They could have them doing nearly anything they wanted to do with social engineering, exactly as they do today. It would be like Tom Sawyer talking Huck Finn into whitewashing his fence.

By the time these people were done with you it would seem natural for the government to use tax revenues to pay off their private banking losses to keep them in operation, just as they have done. The average dolt doesn't even know what he doesn't know. The majority of the sheeple barely even know what year it is or where they are half the time. The modern day descendants of melonheads run circles around them mentally. Go attack some more Arabs to defend your freedoms. Yeah, that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

"they think brain mass is not important, according to scienmajistic types like Oprah Winfrey."

Of course someone like Oprah Winfrey would have an interest in saying that.

All of the countries her people control are poor and rely on never ending White aid, to keep them from slipping into anarchy.

The only reason Oprah makes millions, is she is living around White people, White people are making her show and White people are paying to watch it.

Parachute Oprah Winfrey into Africa with all her money, let her make all African TV shows and see how much she is worth then. I'll bet she burns through her fortune in a couple of years.

The same goes for non-White professional athletes in White countries. They can only make that kind of money, kicking balls around in White countries, because again, it is White folks training them and paying to see them.

So what would their skills be worth in the countries their own people control? Africa??? Haiti???

Zilcho, zilch, nada, nothing, FA. Same as for Oprah.

As for these so called "Anti-racists", they are all front and no substance.

They ask us who is "White", as if they couldn't tell an African from an Eskimo, yet define "White" every time they open their pie holes:

A "White" country is one for which they Demand massive immigration from the third world and forced integration. Its GeNOcide.

Who do they think they are kidding?

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Anonymous said...

"The average dolt really thinks a man with a 2000cc+ brain would be roughly the same intellectually as any other man."

How good must a people be, before they are worthy of protection from GeNOcide?

IMO the crime stats and brain measurers are trying to prove something to the anti-Whites - that White people are worthy of protection from GeNOcide.

Yet anti-Whites can only make arguments that lead to White GeNOcide...

So why do we beg the approval of low life scum, like that?

Is this Stockholm Syndrome?

If we prove to you (anti-Whites), that White people are worthy of existence, will you call us racist (abuse us), less often?

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Anonymous said...

In one of his essays, Loren Eisley talked about the slender bodied but huge brained Man who lived in Ancient South Africa. Much larger brain than any Caucasian ever found. But this Man was very primitive and may have been related to today's Bushmen. Eisley hypothesized that they were wiped out by more robust but tiny brained Negroes or Ancient Bushmen.

Could this Man have been related somehow to the Melonheads?

Anonymous said...

Ok so let's say the Melon Heads arise in South Africa and some of them move forward and attain power because of their intellect. But being puny and few, they feel vulnerable in the face of Masses. So they develop a Race of Giants to serve as their protectors. The Giants were said to be cruel and incapable of virtue, so Higher Intelligence indicated that they should be wiped out for the good of all.

Anonymous said...

Remember the "gods" in the movie 10,000 B.C.? That is the EXACT picture I thought of when you described melonheads, Tex. :)

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 11:39

The Bosconians and the evidence was that they were a tribe of people who had emigrated out of Europe and into Africa. Another non-bolshevist correct factoid.

Fleeing angry peasants, perhaps? In any case, they didn't do so good in the African climate and were killed off. But whoever killed them proved they were the winnarz and that means they were the bestest, even if they were just savage pygmies shooting blowdarts. The winnarz are the bestest.

Anonymous said...

Please Mr Melon Head, wont you let us have a few hot babes? The women you gave us look like hairless gibbons, especially when they get older. We wont be able to keep our numbers up if our women look like us.

Mr Melon Head: Oh alright. But do kill all the Males. That means no Homosexuality. And be sure to keep the Enkidu Babes in line - pregnant and in the kitchen.

Yes Oh Divine Melon Head. We shall do as you say.

Anonymous said...

That is one of the big questions isn't it? What is the relationship between Nature and God? Obviously being strong isn't always the same as being good - often isn't. Yet He made the world where the Strong win, at least for a season. Sure they might destroy themselves in the end, but it's too late for their victims.

The Innuit have many legends of a race of gentle giants whom they wiped out.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, T. Just awesome.

Right or wrong visit this site and Mr. T makes last 100000 years so clear it is like shinning flashlight into dark closet.

Hot August Night said...

What is the relationship between Nature and God? Obviously being strong isn't always the same as being good - often isn't. Yet He made the world where the Strong win, at least for a season. Sure they might destroy themselves in the end, but it's too late for their victims.
Anon 9:29 PM

I believe that's the fallen nature of the world. There's a lot here which is not as it's supposed to be, and we are, after all, meant to fight against the nature of this corrupted world.

Anonymous said...

Yes there's something to that. Goodness should be strong. Not that strength is the Only Goodness like the Darwinians say, but obviously it should give strength -even physically. The words virtue and virility come from the same root, vir. Our ancestors saw connections that we don't.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating stuff, Tex. I enjoy these insights and the neanderthal discoveries and theories you've been uncovering and developing.