Thursday, November 17, 2011

Classic Illuminati Good Cop-Bad Cop-Agitprop

Don't drink the koolaid, people.

They always seize the opposition before it can get off the ground and massage it into a different message. Go back to sleeple, sheeple.

Bill Cooper, a man who recanted his own writings after twenty years warned us - if they introduce UFOs it's a human busy box for little minds. It's not the aliens who are relevant, people, it's the guy standing behind you with his hand in your pocket stealing your wallet. The time-tested trick to run on the rubes is to tell them their only hope is the space people will save them. Keep looking up at the empty sky for answers. Ignore the fact I just ripped the shirt off your back and I'm a flesh-and-blood human like you are. Keep watching the skies.

You'd think that no hominid would be stupid enough to fall for this scam but it works every time like a charm.

We don't need space aliens to give us the secret of limitless, cheap energy. Ordinary human brains solved that problem a long time ago. It's called Thorium.


Anonymous said...

interesting that when you click on the link for the video purchase the site requires you to use "compatible" browser ....

smells rotten


Anonymous said...

Well spotted, Tex. It is too easy for honest or well meaning people to be duped by things like this, especially if they see it before looking into the background of it. People have been conditioned from birth to fall for these things and it's like breaking your chains with your hands to get away. Some of us are blessed or more fortunate and are able to spread the word to encourage those able to listen, at least.

I've seen the same thing in the past with documentaries about the economic disasters going on or the banking failurs or systems in general that were packed with disinfo and designed to lead people into blind alleys where they will waste time and energy instead of finding the truth and sorting out the problems and the crooks.

Thorium and other fantastic ideas and solutions of the past keep getting buried. They don't get revealed as shams, we've all seen the perpetual motion engines being shown for scams along with other fraudulant machines and claims, but what happens to these credible inventions or ideas that after a burst of publicity suddenly vanish, never to be heard from for decades?

Someone must be doing their best to stuff the genie of invention into the bottle whenever it escapes to keep the sheeple at a certain place and dependant on certain people or groups. That Jetsons future could easily have happened without the poisonous parasites draining the cultures and nations which once had greatness.