Monday, November 14, 2011

China Prepping For WW3 For Certain

Almost certainly calibrating space based weapons. Those are fractals and I've used them in my own shape detection code in C++ to see if my algorithm can recognize all the angles used. This is critical for an orbital platform that uses street maps to identify precision targets like the White House or an airstrip somewhere.

This means that the Chinese are advancing at leaps and bounds far faster than anybody predicted. The real question is how far have they gotten with true doomsday weapons like "rods from god" or red mercury cluster bomblets. Research in the 1960's studied the possibility of ravaging whole grids on the map with the equivalent of nuclear napalm from orbit, using dirty payloads of plutonium or cobalt to maximize the radioactive residue after the deed. I have PDFs of declassified documents from the Rand Corporation that studied these tactics the same way they talked about artillery fire or simple manpacked nukes.

It's important to point out that surviving inside a shelter underground with proper entrances and ventilation baffles is still very possible even if you were beneath a swath of nuclear napalm. It is survival aboveground in a small basement or concrete building with minimal protection that would be impossible in a target zone. Correctly constructed Vaults survive the worst science-fiction horror you could imagine aboveground and the research conducted with live nuclear weapons proves it.

P.S. I have a good friend in the Air Force who told me twenty years ago that the espionage that resulted in the loss of red mercury was worse than the leakage of the secret of the hydrogen bomb - he told me the U.S. government has been trying to recover gracefully ever since it got out and they planted a comprehensive cover story that it was all a "hoax" they used to trap terrorists with. He told me the stuff permits nuclear reactions in devices the size of golf balls and it was one of the deadliest weapons ever stolen from Los Alamos lab research.

Check here for a sampling of Vault-Co's greatest hits on this and related subjects

While the sheeple watch AMERICA'S GOT TALENT, above them in the skies orbit military weapons of enormous destructive power and unbelievable capacity for mass annihilation. The U.S. government claims to be worried about goatherders in bungistan with crap like this outside of international law above the population of the planet as they sleep each night. Imagine the gall.

First ten minutes of World War III, the entire planet is going to get a very rude shock when they discover the world they thought they were living in never existed.


Anonymous said...

What is killing the economies that adopted the Euro is the idea that Greeks are Germans.

Anonymous said...

Space visible ground test grids,

Red said...

I was thinking about an Orion spaceship yesterday. China could easily launch it and rule the world. There's not much you can do about a ship that can move that fast and is that huge. They could bomb any target at leisure with nothing more than moon rocks.

Orion tech is simpler than our big Saturn 5 rockets and probably cheaper in the end. We could have built such a ship back in the 70s and explored the entire solar system by now.

Anonymous said...

with that much nuclear destruction, the nuclear winter it creates will take out the rest of the planet. That's the thing about using a lot of nukes to win during that first strike: taking out yourself or your food supply as well as your target.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

November 14, 2011 10:36 AM

Above ground nuclear detonations are banned aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:38

You're a clueless moron and a meme repeating automaton that could never hope to grasp anything. What is killing the economies is the Ponzi scheme that collapsed in 2008 and the so-called "Euro-crisis" is a direct result of it.

Perhaps if the Germans weren't owning about 80% of Greece, didn't destroy local agriculture, production and businesses there to open up the market for their corporations, if they didn't bribe local corrupt politicians to buy defective weapons systems from Germany three times their real price, then perhaps Greece could stand a chance to become Germany?

Oh wait! That's happened already. When Greece had the best government in post-WWII Europe, also known as the "Colonel Junta" to the pencil-neck liberals and Marxist parasites, and was the fastest growing economy in Europe and handed power over to "democracy" with zero debt.

Tex's blog isn't like the failed forums you usually hang out and were your ignorance goes unnoticed because everyone there is as clueless and stupid as you are. Here when you're faking it you get PWNED.

The euro was fine and had no problem. The entire "euro was flawed from the beginning" argument is just bullshit propaganda designed to hide the real perpetrator of the crisis, which is this one:

Anonymous said...

The difference between Germany and Greece can almost be measured in light years, and mostly certainly in time preference:

[Scroll down to chart]

Anonymous said...

What would be the purpose of the Chinese attacking us and wiping out their biggest customer?

Anonymous said...

I think Tex thinks nuclear winter is a hoax, but that might be someone else.

Anonymous said...

"While the sheeple watch AMERICA'S GOT TALENT, above them in the skies orbit military weapons of enormous destructive power and unbelievable capacity for mass annihilation. The U.S. government claims to be worried about goatherders in bungistan..."

America once had something called "frontier spirit." En masse we took off for the far rough lands. Someone may have said "what if this or that bad thing happens?" The response would be "so what?" Or "that's the risk, but this is what we want and love."

Now the frontier spirit has been extracted. In the effort to stop any foreseeable bads from happening, we enacted a maze of entitlements and laws. But we now see that we have lost what we love most. And that is the biggest bad.

Legislators, concerned about the 2 inch Pica fish in a small watershed outside of Fresno, shut down nearly the entire irrigation system for Central Valley farmers. We stop major energy pipelines because of minor impacts. We engage in the luxury of "elective warfare" to save possibly small numbers of foreigners in a far away place.

One day, when the s**t hits the fan, and across the land, when people are freezing because of a dearth of energy, and hungry cuz the farms are short, and worried about the bombs falling our way... that's when the frontier spirit will return.

-uc (UnfortunatelyCA)

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul makes way to much sense so he won't be getting any time to speak:

Anonymous said...

November 14, 2011 4:29 PM

"Perhaps if the Germans weren't owning about 80% "

A butthurt Greek? lol

Someone sold all that to the Germans. Was it not the Greeks? Are you saying the Greeks aren't responsible for their OWN behavior? Was it the hard working Germans fault for buying, what the lazy Greeks that retire at 55, were selling?

And yes I do know Greeks in my country and even they admit, Greece is full of lazy people. lol

As for your conspiracy theory links, they are just excuses because you don't want to take responsibility for your nation's failures.

As for Economics it is proven nonsense. Why?

ALL Brown countries are Poor, unless White people find oil under their feet and again it is White people that pay them a fortune for it.

Africa has half of the world's natural resources and half of the most productive farmland. Yet Africa is a hell hole, reliant on White aid, to prevent it from falling into anarchy.

Africa is the product of Africans.

White countries invent. Asian countries catch up, by copying those inventions and then go right back to stagnating again.

When the printing press was invented in Europe in 1440AD, there was massive upheaval. The all powerful Catholic Church was defanged, the Renaissance was in full swing, White people burst out into the world and conquered it. Within 500 years, we went from burning dung, illiteracy and horse and cart, to nuclear reactors and walking on the Moon.

When the printing press was invented in China in 536 AD, NOTHING HAPPENED, AT ALL. lol

But no one ever thinks about that, because in this society, we are not allowed to. All societies before this one, had censorship of some kind and ours is not unique.


Mexico is the product of Mexicans.

Germany is the product of Germans.

Greece and Italy are the product of Greeks and Italians.

Africa is the product of Africans.

All Brown Countries are poor.

You will have to deal with reality whether you like it or not, because

Nations are not made of paper.

The Euro, America and all formerly White countries, are going down the crapper, because of silliness just like yours.

Anonymous said...

@November 15, 2011 6:34 AM

Seems that you're so dumb that you've lost your way to your trailer park and were homeless for three months, but couldn't you have found a dumpster to crawl in instead of coming here and polluting this blog with your stupid televitzer-approved memes?

"Conspiracy theories". The words every idiot like yourself says as if programmed when exposed to information not in agreement with the official government/MSM version. You "conspiracy pooh-poohists" seem to be so in tune with each other it's unbelievable.

Sure, they're lazy. Send them to Gitmo. The entire world's financial system is about to collapse because some female public sector employees in an insignificant country were polishing their fingernails during work hours. You must be the most stupid person to visit this site to believe something like that. Congratulations you belong to the 1%. I don't expect you to understand that this isn't a sovereign debt crisis and not a crisis of the Euro either but is a banking/derivatives one. That the bailouts are an indirect way to nationalize the private losses of the financial institutions. It's way too complicated and you're too stupid for that. You probably can't find all the places you mentioned on the map, including your own. And animals too are the product of their habitat, but watching Wild America videos isn't the best way to learn about the economic performances of nations. Moron.

Anonymous said...

The engineered Euro crisis has three objectives:

To keep the Russians out
To keep the Americans in
And to keep the Germans down.

So far it's working as planned.

Anonymous said...

update: this is getting really weird.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Nuclear winter is bullshit. It's based on almost as much "science" as global warming.

Anonymous said...

Anon November 15, 2011 3:27 PM

So... decades and decades of fabricated research across huge swaths of scientific theory?

Texas Arcane said...

My hope is that these orbital platforms were put up as a last dying gasp in the 80's by Von Braun's generation and that current Kwanzanians are simply too stupid to maintain or operate them. The evidence says that the reason the civilian program was cut was precisely this - they realized they had to concentrate all their efforts and money on maintenance and upgrades of the space based platforms. They recognize that the few brains they have left to go around have to focus entirely on the military orbital capacity. There isn't the excess intellectual power remaining to keep the civilian side going anymore.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:14

Yes and flouride is also bad.