Saturday, November 19, 2011

CERN : "Einstein a Womanizing Fraud And Complete Charlatan"

Tip of the iceberg. Watch in coming months for this idiot's ideas to get quietly dismantled.

Nobody this century has contributed more to holding back the progress of real science. It has taken fifty years to unravel his complex web of lies and sophistry. For a long time nobody dared assail the orthodoxy created by this moron.

Synchronized with the downfall of Penn State, a den of the sons of the devil, the big promoter of the global warmthinkery coverup with Michael Mann and too many wicked deeds to even number. If you build a life for yourself on lies, your world can fall apart pretty quickly underneath you, as Bernie Madoff could tell you.


Anonymous said...

Is this Michael E. Mann a Yid?

I know there is a director of trash movies, called Michael Mann and he is definitely one, so I don't know if Mann = Yid, but it sure looks that way.

What I do know is they preach diversity for white countries, but only hire and promote their own.

That is how they concentrate their numbers at the top of societal control points, like media, education, banking and law.

If GW is yet another of their scams, it would be too funny.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine something like this. But then again it makes sense.

After all, who else would call you a (Holocaust) Denier for asking questions? lol

Texas Arcane said...

Mann/Green/Goldsomething classic last names for properly snipped people.

Penn State was an ugly nest of nepotism and favoritism in hiring based on ethnicity. The whole rotten framework of that institute of "higher education" has unraveled as a massive scam from top to bottom. The fact that the dam broke on this scandal with teenage boys being anally raped in the showers isn't a sign that the dryrot was local to any one area of the university - the entire body was sick and diseased from the very top right down to the janitor. A very ugly and evil place, Penn State. As I said earlier, they are just trying to spray some perfume on this turd and trying to do the minimal amount of reform to turn the spotlight off. Everything about Penn State is absolute fail, fakery and chicanery.

You don't kill the nest by just stomping the roaches that come out. You need to kill the queen and burn the egg chamber like Sigourney Weaver in ALIENS.

Anonymous said...

Everyone I've talked to seems to think that there's nothing wrong with Einstein being proven wrong. They shrug and say it's okay and normal and not a problem. They all flip around and pretend that this is the new norm after insulting anyone who said it before. They don't think about how science has been held back and they don't consider that other people before now who have been giving alternate ideas might be right after all and true geniuses. They still idolise the man who has been proven wrong...

I don't understand how people can be like this.

Anonymous said...

If I remember from the physics that I took, (quantum and relativity in there somewhere)

A particle of matter can approach, but it can never actually attain, the speed of light.

This does not exclude a particle from traveling faster than the speed of light; in principle, such a faster-than-light particle could never slow down to the speed of light.

It just seemed moot: that no particle could ever 'get over the hump'; or perhaps faster-than-light particles are created 'on the other side'?

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 5:47

I don't understand it either. If you didn't know better you'd think people were part monkey/zombie. No amount of conflicting information appears to interfere with their basic programming.


The neutrino, the speedy particle in question, was discovered in 1962, long after Einstein's death. While some say Einstein was used as a PR man for science, he did have real accomplishments, and inspired a generation.

If one wants a scary read, check out
CERN Truth While the author can be rather strident, and covers some technical quantum physics that requires a lot of research to comprehend, his discussions of how risk assessments have been neutered is rather frightening. We don't need Niburu or HAARP to end our civilization. It appears this machine could possibly handle that quite well. Reminds me of the discussions of the first A-bomb, and then the H-bomb. Some scientists said the reactions could runaway. The devices were detonated anyway (with fingers crossed).

I first crawled the Web (remember Web Crawler?) in 1994. Not much out there besides CERN, the DOE's High Energy Site (neat nuclear test photos), and Persian Kitty. I recall in the late 1990's, dissenting voices arising, saying that risk assessments were being muted, which corresponds with what is discussed on the fore-mentioned site, a decade later.