Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cain Confesses He Is A Koch Brothers Anal Puppet

Like half the other candidates. You can choose any of the following candidates, but you must choose one. That's why it's a demockrassy. We have freedoms yes many! All with the same policies and positions.

This is why mysteriously, no matter how many people vote for him, Ron Paul will never be permitted within a stone's throw of the White House. He is not approved by the demockrassy. Electing Ron Paul to office would set the Illuminati back fifty years in their push for a one-world government, after spending uncountable trillions to achieve that goal. Or they could pick from their stable of groomed "lone gunmen" and spend 70 cents on a bullet to put in his hand. Which do you think will happen to Ron Paul? I believe supporting Ron Paul is akin to signing his death warrant and I don't want to see this wonderful man die in the street like President Kennedy on behalf of a nation that is no longer worth saving. This is why I donated money to Ron Paul in the last election cycle but refuse to do it again. I want him to drop out of a race he will never be permitted to win.

This barbaric, doomed nation of the damned is not worth one fingernail of Ron Paul's hand and does not need any more good men to struggle to preserve it, when it has lost the right to exist. Nature must be allowed to take it's course for the Kwanstain.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I heard that the Koch brothers actually support Ron Paul because the more he says the better Cain looks.

Anonymous said...

S.A chaos looms ever-closer

The endangered, estimated 4-million Boer-Afrikaners of South Africa this week swore in their first democratically-elected Volksraad since 1902: in preparation for its peaceful international campaign to create their own autonomous homeland – urgently needed to safeguard their besieged nation from the ever-encroaching expected genocide: while black youths are being actively incited to gear up for all-out civil war; with 8,000 black youths also getting weapons- and military training at SANDF military bases: funded by the Department of Rural Development…


This is actually good news. The Volksraad is a government for Whites and it will represent White interests.

SA Whites are getting sick of being murdered and raped in their 10s of thousands by

Anti-racist Death Squads of Diversity

and they are demanding their basic human right to exist and have self determination.

Down with the anti-Whites!

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Hot August Night said...

Thank you for instructing us with the aid of a sock puppet with little buttons for eyes. I always find this method helpful and reassuring. I just wish you'd employ it more often. Sometimes it can take a while to properly soak up a new concept, and when you're dealing with us folks running Green Star energy efficient 140 IQ brains, you gotta let them soak a little longer.
You wouldn't have this problem to the same extent, being an heirloom variety, but the trade off is that I probably have more breakdancing ability and a higher sperm count.

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