Wednesday, November 16, 2011

100 Years of Cooling

Note that even if guys like me turn out to be wrong about this being the slope end of a much bigger drop, the result is the same. The average temperature will plunge over the next thirty years to levels comparable to the Little Ice Age in Europe.

If you could see that chart imposed over a larger cycle of Grand Minima, it would immediately be obvious to you why I don't think this cooling cycle will end in 30 years and is going to last much longer. I derived my conclusions by looking at Robert Felix's graphs which cover longer term ranges of climate change.



Here's one close to home, Texas.

Can Julia's Tax stop this?

It seems temperatures in Darwin have dropped 2 degrees since the 1880's.

Anonymous said...

This is one of these things that I really don't understand how anyone could disagree with you on it. I remember seeing your post on it some years ago. I looked at the graphs you linked to and looked at many others. The conclusions you made (that we are at a peak and cooling was the likely future and biggest threat) were obvious and inescapable.

But how can people look at that and some how claim otherwise?? All the information backs up what you said. It's right there, from many sources too. It's been happening over a vast time period. You can't argue about it or redifine it. It's not something that will discuss its feelings and change its mind. It might take a year or ten years or more, but if people had any care to save humanity as a species they'd be doing what you've done on a mass scale at the very least, along with all sorts of related research and development. It is something that if the species lives long enough (and it's not that far away by now), it will have to face. No question about it. It's solid science and math.

A Little Ice Age would be more than enough justification to sack half the scientific advisers out there and start the preparations on a mass scale. That it could be leading to more or have political consequences only reinforces it.

Texas Arcane said...

Think of what the government could do with it's vast resources and revenues. Way more than any lone crank could do in a thousand lifetimes. They could start making policy decisions recognizing this will be a cooling, not a warming, trend and save millions of lives. They could maintain a local food supply and agriculture and begin to make preparations in general a government backed subsidized operation. You should be able to purchase low cost, 100-year life emergency rations from a government agency and have them delivered to your door. They should make any step you take in assuring your own survival a tax-deductible investment. They should arrange for communications and computer survivability even in the worst natural or manmade disaster.

Instead they work against us more efficiently than an occupying army and every decision is guided by the criteria of what will wound us the most, hurt the economy the worst and do everything possible to make human survival as difficult as could be imagined. The real enemy is a government led by people who hate mankind and want to destroy it. What can you say about people willing to elect leaders who despise them?