Saturday, October 15, 2011

You Snooze, You Lose (Nuclear War)

The Kwanstain has been watching AMERICA'S GOT TALENT while the Chinese have been building a 5000 kilometer tunnel network underneath their country to survive global thermonuclear war. ZZZZzzzz ... whazzat?

Michael Turner confirms in the article what Vault-Co was telling you many years ago. America doesn't know how many missiles China has because her intelligence gathering capabilities collapsed back when disco and piano ties were still in.

I'm of the opinion that this is the worst possible situation, with America's conventional nuclear force falling apart and most of their reliance resting on space-based platforms. You could not have a more volatile mix than that.

“Do we really know how many missiles the Chinese have today?” he asked. Turner expressed concern that planned cuts to the Pentagon could block efforts to modernize the US arsenal. “We need to understand the potential long-term consequences of watching as Russia and China modernize their nuclear arsenal while we sit back and simply maintain our existing and aging nuclear forces,” he warned.


Rowan said...

OK, I'd like to become a Civil Defense Officer now, where do I go to get sworn in and receive my badge?

I'm quite serious. Tex's post explains it all:

I'm a bit slow so I tried following Captain Capitalism's approach for a while, which failed miserably. Then I tried to fight the decline but was met with great resistance. Now I've come full circle back to creating a "fantastic series of new priorities".

I'm going to create a blog and start working on my new priorities. I'm particularly interested in underground permaculture so my first project will be a self contained seedling growing system to provide fresh greens for vault dwellers.

Anonymous said...

Baby meat and machete gangs is the only foreseeable future of the KWA just before Chinese-Russian missiles put it out of its misery:

Anonymous said...

That makes no sense. Why would China initiate a war of Mutually Assured Destruction with a nation that has a far bigger nuclear and conventional military, that has a military budget 7 times bigger than China's, that is China's biggest customer and with China being the biggest foreign government owner of US government debt. What would possibly be in it for China? Even if they survived in some form, who would they sell their goods to?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:05 AM

China is not actively seeking to engage in a war with the US, at least not at this point. China and Russia are increasingly concerned by US aggression and worried by its determination to impose on an ever-increasing scale a globalist dictatorship that promotes "liberal democracy", "freedom" and "human rights" by turning more and more regions into Libyas and Iraqs. What this means is that any nation that doesn't allow on its soil a Jewish central bank, is not promoting multicult and sodomy of its citizens by enricher gangs, debt-slavery for its population and its natural assets and resources exploited for the profit of corporations will meet the fate of Libya, Iraq etc. The US is not going to stop unless all countries - particularly the ones in Eurasia being the ones that on one hand are vital to Russian-Chinese interests and on the other their "democratization" and fragmentation is key to the survival of Israel - give up being sovereign states and submit to serfdom managed by the Globalist institutions, corporations banks and NGOs. They now that sooner or later, at the end of the chain of "humanitarian" and "anti-terrorist" wars, their turn will come. They're well aware of the fact that "Al-Qaeda" is nothing but an instrument used for world domination by the US and that it is used in whatever way necessary to promote US imperialism. Either by using the terror threat to gain a foothold on Eurasia or by enabling CIA-controlled "Al-Qaeda" agents to overthrow governments the US doesn't approve of as in Libya. It's only global television viewers and world cattle who do not remember what happened yesterday that take everything at face value.

Anonymous said...

It makes sense that the Chinese are preparing for the apocalypse. Russians too. Kwanstain is rapidly approaching the moment of truth where its fate, and that of most of the world, will be decided. The economy and industry are destroyed and a series of campaigns in Afganistan, Iraq and Libya have been a disaster - no closure of any kind or any hope of closure in the future that is even remotely relevant to the (low) American standards, just a hopeless debilitating presence in the middle of a bloody mess they created in the first place. It will either collapse from an economic meltdown and suffer the backlash from the "twitter revolutions" it fomented in the Arab world or it will go on full-scale global conflict in a last ditch attempt to maintain its status. The Chinese know that only with the course of war the Kwa will write-off all of its previous failures and clear the balance.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:05

They may never have a better time than the window up to next November

There's very little chance that 'Bongo would authorize a retaliatory strike. He is a sockpuppet for powers far greater than banksters.

There are plenty of folks who'll buy goods from Mao-Mart; as one example, they now lead the world in the extraction/mining and processing of 37 elements.

Outside of first rate milgear, what does the US offer that cannot be had from elsewhere ?

And the mil-gap is closing, now that ComIntern has their man in the US Executive. We here in NM are intimately familiar with how easy it is to get weapons specs from national labs. Or zip drives with certain recipes on them. One word : RICHARDSON. As in Gordo Richy, fuck up as UN Ambassador, fuck up as a Congressshite, as Sec DOE and as Gov NM. And he's just one story. Check out Hazel "We doan need no steenkeeng badges" O'Leary. Or Freddy Pena. Or his dog-face underSec, Liz Moeller. Or the Golden Years of Bubbaville and LORAL. Check out Notra Trulock, who tried to secure labs and got shit for it.

Think Rezko was the money guy in al-Chicago ? Hmm ? Look up Adnan Auchi, check his origin. Rezko was a mere bag-man. Nothing moves in Auchis' part of the world without the blessings of Mother Russia.

The Sino-Sov BFFs never split. Literally everything's in it for the Han. Land. Resources. Energy. Monetary control .... plus the destruction of an old enemy. For a less recent ingredient of that brew see "Boxer Rebellion."

They can wait why we devolve some more. If NPOS can keep a lid on it for awhile, a long, hard winter will keep his "people" in their urban shitholes til Spring thaw. The real show's gonna happen next summer. This crap with the OWSers and Klan-with-a-Tan rhetoric from the CBC and every other schwartzer here is merely beta-testing the final product

If you live anywhere near a major metro enclave here in the States, Prepare Accordingly

You will not be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the Chinese will go far, or deserve a better fate than the Kwans though. Watch this to see why: