Sunday, October 16, 2011

When Will The Hummer Blitzkrieg End?

I told my son last night they have to run out of money soon. The year 2011 has been the worst frontal assault worldwide of degeneracy in the last 2000 years of history. Nearly 24/7 on every channel, it has been advocacy of gay marriage and transgendering kids poured on like a deluge. Movies nobody went to see. Television programs nobody is watching and so painful to view you have to change the channel when your kids enter the room. It's naught but the dismal tide discussing the mechanics of fisting, watersports and the most debased perversion imaginable chatted about casually like it is mainstream now in every single medium that reaches your ears, eyes and senses. Porn culture wasn't enough, now it is saturation with gay porn culture.

These people have to run out of capital soon. There is an air of desperation about it all. Maybe they feel it is now or never. The fact is, nobody wants this stuff. It isn't market driven. It has to be crammed down the throat and force fed in the most inappropriate venues, preferably sneaking it into family viewing hours so the poor kiddies are left sobbing at what they just saw. There's always a general subversive presence there with the agenda laid on as thick as it can possibly be and still pretend this television/movie/music is about anything but what it is promoting.

This blitz required global coordination and must have cost billions of dollars at the top. I figure they have to run out of money soon, before the year is over. They can't keep creating media which people have to be trapped and caged with their eyelids stapled open to make them watch.

The fact is - the dog doesn't like that dog food. Period.

Notice the only performer this summer was the movie promoted as family fare. It is conceivable that it was the only thing the parents could find they weren't terrified of cringing at in embarrassment at the movies.

You couldn't give Hollywood money. They don't want it. They'd rather push their politicial agenda, which is creepy cultural critique and opposition. What are they opposed to? Ultimately, anything that smacks of normal.

They have to go broke shortly. You can't keep dumping money into this refuse hole of propaganda.

I tried to turn on something on cable last night just to keep me company. When I tried to switch over from tranny cheerleader dog-eating serial killers, I couldn't find anything but SAW spinoffs and torture porn on the other channels. I tried switching it to the Disney channel but they had a bunny rabbit showing kids how to use a condom on there and pick the right booths at peep shows. I just typed in random numbers and it finally came up on another Holocaust film. I breathed a sigh of relief and let it ride there. Familiar territory. The sounds of barking german shepards and Nazis screaming at people to get on boxcars seemed fairly tame compared to the other two hundred channels available. It was almost soothing relatively. This stuff is now like the lifestyle channel. Plots generated by computer and saccharine sappy endings. At least there is one channel left you can use to just keep some noise on.


Anonymous said...

Pushing the envelope was profitable at one time, but people have become desensitized to it. Take Playboy Magazine for example, while it derided American puritanism in it's hipster editorials, it was profitable (until the advent of the internet) because the mystery of the nude woman was still a valuable commodity. Why were girlie pictures something special? Because the 'puritanical' social structure made it so. If I were a pornographer, I would fund and subsidize churches and televangelists to rant and rave against my business.

There was something noble about art films that were made for the sake of art that never had a chance to recoup their costs. But there's nothing noble about the garbage that's being produced today.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we can look foward to a new efficient way to "reduce the surplus population". If you won't go to the boxcars and ovens, the ovens can come to you:

Scale it up marginally and it's ready to go where it is needed, from massacre to massacre.

Anonymous said...

"There is an air of desperation about it all. Maybe they feel it is now or never."

We are in the end game. For them it is do, or die.

"What are they opposed to? Ultimately, anything that smacks of normal."


"anything that smacks of White and Normal."

As for me, I watch older science fiction 1970s-1990s on pay TV, because they are mostly White and Normal. Yet even there, the channel owners push their perversions.

How do they do it? Recently it has been a commercial featuring an ultra close up of two White women french kissing.

They give you no choice of whether you want to watch this crap. They flash it on the screen as advertising, so you have no choice.

Forcing people to see what they do not want not to see, is a psychological assault. The media owners behave like flashers waving their private parts around.

As for non-whites crowding out White people on our TV shows, it is becoming more blatant every year and now I am repelled by modern shows.

If they are not my people on a TV show, I am not watching it and I am not buying the advertisers' products. It is as simple as that.

It is obvious they want White people to just disappear. The only motivation for their behavior is hatred.

As people are saying, there is no doubt it is White Genocide now. Everything they do leads only to White Genocide.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding writing.

As importantly, you are right. I wonder, is it political correctness run-amok, or something even more sinister, that is accelerating society toward a grim abyss?

Your article is very poignant. It could be the basis for a book, or something. So keep that in mind.

-uc (UnfortunatelyCalifornia)

Anonymous said...

As this excellent article says:"When a civilization dies, the culture goes first and what is left is hypocrisy. People become really disgusting, and false and hollow, and they spread that like a disease among themselves."

Once you realize that you live in a society inhabited in its overwhelming majority by the kind of people described in this article there is no reason to feel perplexed anymore about why you are surrounded by garbage 24/7. Where you read "Tweebos" replace with "sapiens".

Anonymous said...

Instead of watching TV you should be out there on your porch making sure those pesky kids get off your lawn!

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