Monday, October 24, 2011

Vatican Begins New Campaign For Evil

I think the Pope should ride down the middle of the street in a car that shoots flames out the grill in a thong with a supermodel under each arm, wearing devil horns, red greasepaint body makeup and brandishing a pitchfork. There should be a neon sign strapped to the back that is flashing the words BORN TO RAISE HELL.

As a lapsed Catholic, I object strongly to being associated with this organization in any way. Please don't hold the circumstances of my birth and surroundings against me. I got out as soon as I was old enough to realize where I was and what was going on.


Anonymous said...

What has struck me about Ratzy is that in many pics he has the same eyes and expression as the continually decaying David Rockefeller ....

Evil, red-rimmed, soul-less

I have a cousin who's been a missionary priest all his days; his order worked in Africa and was HQ'ed in Rome; he knows a thing or three about the Holy Roman Empire.

We were cooking a holiday dinner one year, and he commented on the pleas for more cash[to litigate on behalf of pederast priests] here in NM with the following: "They can take stuff off desks and the walls in their admin buildings and instantly depress the worlds' art markets. That's just the art. Not the banks. The land. The holdings. The influence." And he turned back to pasta cooking on the stove.

Peace my Ass. The German cardinal just declared that the Church is Dead. For anyone paying attention.

If you want a real scare, read "Windswept Tower."


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, this was not an official pronunciation by the vatican, it was a document released by a congregation that dedicates itself to studies on human rights and globalization("Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace"). You might also want to read it, it is not all that it is being made out to be by the media:

It is truth that most of the church thinks this way, though. There is no reason for all this surprise and fuzz, as it always has been like this. If the church had its way from the start we wouldn't even use money or have markets and banks. As an institution it always defended ideas of impossible utopias without realistic expectations of what would happen.

Anonymous said...

Hey look, a guy that idolizes the likes of Fred Phelps is linking to shitty and unverified infowars articles and trying to bash the catholic church.

That is low Tex, even for a calvinist.

Jaego said...

The Church has been infiltrated by all manner of New World Order types: liberals, globalists, homos, etc. This reached to the highest levels under Paul the 6th: his new Mass was written by Archbishop Bugnini - a secret Mason. They found out and still kept the Mass.

The real Teaching on Economics was given by Pope Leo in his encyclical "Rerum Novarum". He condemns Communism and extols private property and harmony between the classes.

Ratzinger is a work in progress: he has gotten more conservative as he has gotten older and wiser. He's much better than the previous half dozen or so Popes. He enraged all of these people by legalizing the Latin Mass again.

Anonymous said...

Anons 8:47, 7:13

Caritas in Veritate most definitely is. The one-world bank is developed in theses 65-67.