Friday, October 7, 2011

Unprecedented, Unearthly, Apocalyptic

The average person is watching AMERICA'S GOT TALENT.

No clue. Not a hint about what is going on all around them.

I saw noctilucent clouds at sundown just the other evening. Eerie and disturbing. Looked like CGI effects in the Australian night sky.


Anonymous said...

Globalwarmthinkery is very profitable indeed:

Anonymous said...

Fantastic article. I'm dealing with a few these difficulties.

Anonymous said...

This guy has an interesting take on the Apocalypse.

17 Economic Collapse: The End of Man

Ignore his God doesn't exist crap, his funny hair and his lips not matching the sound. Listen to what he is actually saying.

Anonymous said...

Noctilucent clouds reminds me of "Damnation Alley" the early 1980's movie.
MAybe those scientists should have tested if maybe the stronger cosmic rays were because they were not as attenuated by the suns magnetic field as previous testing showed.


Anonymous said...

Just found out why Bill Gaede has this 'God doesn't exist' on all his videos:

In 1997 Gaede developed a critique of mathematical physics which was centred upon the semantic issues of the popular presentations of general relativity, quantum mechanics, and string theory. On February 20, 1998, Gaede completed his critique in book form, along with a theory of light, magnetism and gravity developed as a recreated model of physics in light of his deconstruction of the old models.[15] His model is known as the Rope Hypothesis. This book remained unpublished until 2008, under the title Why God Doesn't Exist, with his major contention being that mathematical physics constitutes a religion and also a possible premise for arguments relating to the existence of God.[41]

He's led a weird life. He is a former communist and industrial spy, who now questions the whole basis of mathematics and physics. He also has a daughter that is a high profile leader in the pro white movement.

America sure is a strange place. lol

Anonymous said...

El Hierro Volcano update:

Anonymous said...

The universe is vast and mysterious. We observe something we haven't seen before and it's baffling. What a shocker. Surely it means the end times are just around the corner. Just like they've been for the last 1500 years.

Anonymous said...

Researchers: Mega quakes occur more frequently when sun has fewer sunspots: