Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Thousand Times Worse Than Nazis

Kosher beasts in the shape of men. Apes with Yamulkas. The most vicious regime the world has ever known. The blood of a million children stains the ground since they occupied this land, a race of converts originally from Khazaria who have so befouled this region it is to be regarded as consecrated to the demon Moloch and the deed held by dark angels in hell.

People are onto these assholes. Who is going to make the hallmark specials and public television documentaries about the holocaust these monsters created?

World War III will happen because they have used up all their other options.


Gregg said...

i don't know that i'd say 1000x worse, but twice, for sure. i was married to a jewish woman, not a zionist, but her brother and step father were. brutal, brutal fascistic little racist men.

too much to say on this topic, but let's just leave that these 'men' are no different than the nazis that caged and brutalized 'others' in their time.

how do we stop this cycle of insanity?

Djanar said...

A thousand curses should soon fall upon the spawn of Khazaria AND Babylon if there really is a divine source of the multiverse which exists outside of space and time and really is the essence of truth, love and justice rather than being some indifferent creator entity.

The Khazar Khaganate had only become an "Empire" because of the aiding influence of the Babylonian Talmudic "jews" with their large trade guilds, advisors and spies all over the Eastern Roman Empire and the Abbasid Caliphate. They have practically "seeded" the crude Turkic barbarian presence to the north long before their complete conversion into Talmudic Judaism to use them as an asset against the power of the two great empires in the region. They couldn't do much against them economically and militarily so they have moved out of cursed Babylon and have amalgamated themselves with their Khazarian puppets, later infiltrating the nations of their rivals as "jews" so thoroughly as to have lead to the huge "Zionist" entity we have today.

I have found out that before getting to be "shaped" by the Babylonian serpent's seed, the Khazars weren't all that much sophisticated in their evil by themselves. Crude yet cunning barbarians who had managed to subjugate their less-cunning neighboring tribes who were related to them along with some peaceful yet weak tribes of people who weren't related to them. A significant detail here probably only Tex and the regular Vault-Co followers would "get" would be that their ruling class was exclusively consisted of a race of tall, robust and red-haired people with blue eyes. The lower classes were a mixture of the Turkic and Mongoloid types along with a swarthy folk resembling the gypsies. "Di Royte Yidn" of the German folk tales coming from the 10th century is definitely related to this fact.

The Turkish PM Tex has linked to is not genuine in his opposition to Israel, he is used as a Trojan Horse by TPTB to rally the Sunni's into the globalist-friendly "Kosher Islam" or "Moderate Islam" as coined by the neocons by exploiting the hatred for Israel in the region to draw support. These wahhabism converts are planned to be used as kamikaze cannon-fodder against the chosenites Shi'ite enemies in the region. All the while "criticizing" Israhell, the guy is maniacally attacking the chosenites greatest enemies in the region: Syria and Iran. Especially in Syria where the Turkish MIT is sending weapons and fresh Jihadi recruits from Syria's northern border with Turkey to the Muslim Brotherhood raising hell in Syria for their Brit-Kwa-Kosher masters just like they did in Egypt with Nasser while the MOSSAD is doing the same from the southern border. Guess where all the "protests" and the bloodshed happens in Syria? All over the country as it should be in a GENUINE people's uprising? Hell naw! Only in the northern and southern border towns while the %85 of the people are cheering for Assad and cursing Israel in the rest of the country!

Remember the NATO "Missile Shield" systems planned to be set up right at the edge of the Russian border in Polakistan which was REFUSED not to antagonize Russia further? Well this guy has just allowed them to be set up right in the Iranian border, obviously to protect Israel and led to an ultimatum by Iran to Turkey. Saying one thing while doing a thousand opposite things is the sign of a disingenuous, hypocritical bastard who is serving the interests of the very side he is "appearing" to be opposing. This PM and his cabal of Islamic-flavored merchants linked to the CIA puppet "Gulen Movement" or the "Gulen Cult" was pretty much crazy for doing business with lots of Zionist Israeli bastards like the Israeli "Ofer Group"! That was until the more "Brzezinski" styled tactics have gotten re-animated in the Obongo admin, of course.

Anonymous said...

I read that book by Arthur Koestler years ago, and people who I discussed it with really blanched at thought of what I was saying, namely, that today's "semites" are not really descended from Shem, but rather by way of Japheth. This led to the heresy that the "Israelis" really shouldn't be there. Gasp!

Anonymous said...

Women and children are the only things they have left to shoot at in order to to feel like real soldiers and justify their draft, since for fighting the real enemies of Pissrael they send the armies of their goy-beast servants.

Anonymous said...

The entire West is a ZOG colony and liberal jewmocracy is promoted around the world because this is the best form of government that allows the joos to rule by proxy: