Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stealth Boy Is Just Around The Corner

It's funny because I always got the feeling that the scientific innovations in Fallout 3 happened largely because of the escalating tensions with China as a result of military research. So maybe we'll be able to find the occasional portable stealth field device after the third world war. Conserve them wisely.

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Anonymous said...

Holy Vanishing Cream Batman!

This tech has been a long time coming although I rather suspect that it won’t be to long until it’s unleashed on the world. Tightly controlled of course.

I remember reading about pilotless fighter planes and thinking, yeah in the year 2100 or thereabouts. Then the drones exploded onto the scene.

Then there is FLIR. Amazing tech, for AUD$4k you can have a hand held one..... I should have grabbed the one for $2k when I had the opportunity.....