Monday, October 24, 2011

A Starry-Eyed Optimist

I published a two page reprint of Paul Ehrlich's best ideas in my newspaper NOMAD in California nearly two decades ago. My ideas back then were more advanced than those of ordinary people but only a shadow of what they would become as I got older. I probably did not fully mature intellectually until the age of 36 and have only come into my very best work in the past three years as I approach 50. I've had a lot of help from the internet.

I realized something at a very young age that most people live and die without ever understanding. It's just as relevant as the day I said it in NOMAD almost 20 years ago.

Population pressure is the root of all evil. It activates all the anti-life instincts and self-destructive urges that are latent in mammals to avoid overcrowding. These instincts are likely millions of years old and hardly easy to circumvent.

For example, if we say that the populations of the West are awfully amenable to the ideologies of self-loathing and self-hatred propagated by opportunists ... what is the root of this tree of evil that lends their ears to this kind of lunacy? What is the tipping factor that makes mammalian minds receptive to doctrines of oblivion? Termites only attack sick and dead wood. Our termites are successfully eating us from the inside because our wood is unhealthy to begin with. What is it giving us a damaged immune response to begin with?

I would say population pressure. Five words that summarize a lifetime of thinking about the problem.

Paul Ehrlich is living in a cotton candy rose-colored dream world if he sincerely thinks there is a 10% chance of avoiding a civilization collapse. I'd peg it at odds a million to one that anything could turn this situation around.


Anonymous said...

They publish these articles in White countries, White people read them and use it as an excuse not to have children.

What they never tell us is the White population has been collapsing since the advent of feminism and the pill. We were 1/3 of the world population and now we are less than 10%.

White people support the non-White world with economic aid and we stabilize non-White economies that would otherwise collapse.

We created this world civilization and we are the glue that holds it together.

I think we should tell the non-Whites to stop breeding like flies and use economic aid as a carrot and a stick.

Non-Whites are the overpopulation problem, not White people. That is not racism, that is objective reality.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe there are as many people as they are claiming. These are the same folks that are pimping global warming and the phony numbers as there as well.

Jaego said...

What you say is true, but where does that leave the Religions which preach against contraception? Yes, Whites curbed their birthrate with prosperity - and that was and is viewed as decadence by the Social Conservatives. Meanwhile they are filled with praise for open borders and the fast breeders that are replacing us. So which came first, the disease or the symptoms? Perhaps the ancients said it best: Whom the Gods wish to kill they first drive mad.

Anonymous said...

Then perhaps you should start supporting global warming even if you don't believe it (it'll be easy since you do the same with Christianity), centralized totalitarian control of people's lives and join George Soros, Maurice Strong, The Club of Rome and others who share the same concerns as you. Or perhaps, you already have:

Anonymous said...

October 27, 2011 2:29 PM
"Then perhaps you should start supporting global warming "

Everything Western Commie bastards invent is anti-White.

No one is Demanding developing nations (Brown) cut their emissions. They only Demand this of White countries.

Newsflash: Brown nations have always been developing. Brown nations will always be developing.

Everything Western leftists push is anti-White and so the Global Warming Scam is anti-White.

Hey you anti-White coward, if you really want non-Whites to cut their population, then start Demanding they do so.

Whats the matter? Is the little anti-White terrified of being called a racist? lol