Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ron Paul Is The Only Sane Person Left On Kwanstainian Soil

Ron Paul is the only person who makes sense to me when he talks. I can see the lips of the rest of them moving but it's all just confused, deranged rubbish that sounds like it qualifies for an overnight stay in Bellevue under sedation. Kwanzans as a general rule don't have any semantic content in their speech. Parallels in classical writers describing the character of late era Romans shortly before the city was sacked and burned by the barbarian hordes. Apparently the early Romans were widely touted as people of such unassailable honesty that their word was better than a written contract in all things. The latter Romans were depicted as being so crooked internally they had to screw their pants on in the morning.

Do you think this administration has only permitted this Star Chamber to be used against external followers of Islam? Funny that because it turns out that John Wheeler III, a great American hero, was on one of their lists. Did you know that you may be getting your name on a list right now by merely visiting this site, rube? Oh, you gotta lotta 'splainin to do, Lucy. In the last days before his death, Wheeler had to vacate his home for his own safety, was beaten and robbed, begged the police for help, had his neighbors smoke bombed with what later turned out to be a military grade hallucinogenic and finally ended up dead in a dumpster tip, a great American patriot who graduated from Westpoint and distinguished himself as a pre-eminent critic of the neoconservatives who currently occupy the Capital.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul would be a great president for a constitutional republic, if only the United States was one.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, it doesn't get more common sense than this: