Monday, October 24, 2011

Preparing For Global War : Highest Alert

The Russians and Chinese know something that isn't being printed in the sheeple papers. The inhabitants of the West are not being told 1% of the agenda being pursued by their governments.

Watch end of 2011 for some real fireworks coming up.


Anonymous said...

"According to reliable sources, China has attempted to warn Russia of US and NATO plans to initiate a global armed conflict. This conflict has reportedly moved from the drawing board to an activation stage."

Um, sure. We're going into all-out war. Any day now.

Anonymous said...

Seems that imposing a global government isn't only the goal of western globalists but also of those who are supposedly against them, it's only the bullshit rhetoric that changes. Makes you wonder what kind of forces are working behind the scenes to push two seemingly different worldviews against each other when in reality they have a common agenda:

Anonymous said...

@October 24, 2011 8:41 PM

"Um, sure. We're going into all-out war. Any day now."

And they said the Titanic was unsinkable. lol

"and support initiatives like those of former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Tun Mahatir Muhammad, to criminalize war."

Yes. If you declare war, you automatically become a war criminal, under International Law.

It shouldn't matter if you call yourself a "good guy", or you say you're killing millions "in the name of humanity", like the USA does.

Anonymous said...

Um, sure. We're going into all-out war. Any day now.
end quote

we're in all out war genius. sorry you didn't get the word. here are some clues - financial wars, uprisings using mercenaries, missile 'defence' systems, media/political lies, rigged elections, escalating taxes/fees/levies/REGIStrations etc, unholy alliances, slavery, monitoring, rhetoric/spin..... some of the many hundreds of clues that you can find, if you look.

Anonymous said...

The linked article is spot on. There's a pending intentional economic collapse in the West. The goal of this is to destabilize the economy of the East. This is coupled with the current full-on resource grab across the planet. Throw in a dash of Western military expansion, legislated loss of freedoms in the guise of national security, a virtual complete absence of Western self-reliance and you have a recipe for war. All it would take would be a justification and the gears would turn leaving the people with the option of going along or starving. The only check against this is the willingness of the people to support more war, and their capacity to come up with an new economic alternative which is acceptable to both sides. Either way we're being funneled to some sort of global government, bloody or not. The puppet masters' plan has been exposed for a while - and what this means is no secret.

Anonymous said...

Merkel: "No one should take another 50 years of peace in Europe for granted."

50 years is the timeline she is allowed to tell to the sheeple. She knows very well that war will break out much sooner.

Anonymous said...
here's a link with some pictures of the chinese soldiers.