Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Planet Is A Museum Of Marxist Failures

More bank socialism with nations paying private businesses to pretend they aren't failures and protect them from their own folly. Earth is an asylum and the lunatics are in charge.


Anonymous said...

IMF adviser: Economic apocalypse is only 2-3 weeks away. Nobody knows the amount of CDS (possibly in trillions) held by financial institutions which means complete chaos and collapse:

Anonymous said...

Add to the above video the fact that Saurus is now saying that the West is headed for a Soviet type collapse and you can be sure that something big is coming soon.

Anonymous said...

@October 6, 2011 7:02 PM

Soros should know all about the collapse of the USSR, because he was one of those that brought it down.

Changes in politics and society don't just happen. If only people knew the half of it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Anon @6:37

Interesting video. I think at this stage you have to be a sleepwalker not to know what is coming, but these crooks are aiming to get the banks more cash again. They recently handed out billions of pounds to the English banks again and they are wanting more. They'll use the news to scare people and herd them down the wrong path and loot them.

@Anon 7:02

Another good link. Most of us will remember that the Soviet collapse came hard and fast too. Everyone is expect it to drift in gently over years and then breeze away in an afternoon. It can hit like a truck.

@Anon 2:34

True. Him an a few others like him. At least he is throwing the sheeple a life belt as he jumps into one of the last remaining life boats and rows off.

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