Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nuclear War In 2012

Pretty interesting review of all the dominos. I liked the inevitable tone of the article, shows the author knows what is going on.

The doomsday clock should have it's hand moved to one second to midnight because that's how close the world really is.

Britain is putting all their defense money where they know it is needed

Britain has people like me consulting with them for defense planning. Those people are telling them that the war coming won't be World War II. Navies serve as an excellent coral reef builder in World War III. Submarines, nuclear drone delivery systems and nuclear cruise missiles are the future.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Mr T

Hard to be surprised anymore. Willfull Ignorance is now the Norm

There are so many factors in play now that expectation of things-as-normal is completely delusional.

Any who have not yet opened their eyes WILL never open their eyes. Earlier this week we had 2-flights of Chinooks moving across town at very low altitude. Nary a peep from anyone, neighbors or news. The signs are everywhere, but folks would have to shake off the programming. The best thing our Gov could hope for now is an early, hard and long winter to keep the Peasantry off the streets

I see you found the ITS site, and it's better content.

Almost time now. Almost


Anonymous said...

Tex you can be sure if they had people half as accurate consulting they would not be cutting their military budget at all. The government can't get decent advice anymore. The old hardliners with good judgement are all gone.

Anonymous said...

The 2012 prediction required nuclear war in the middle east in 2011. That hasn't happened..yet.

Anonymous said...

Germany's coming back, or they never went away....