Monday, October 24, 2011

No Patience For Real Genius Left In Modern World

Almost everybody I admire is unrecognized, unknown and unsung. This in itself is a huge indictment of the existing orthodoxy. Each one of these men from Thomas Gold to Otto Warburg was a million times closer to the truth than any of the idiots that believe they are "scienmajists" nowadays.


Rowan said...

A question for you Tex:

I started reading the bible recently and was struck at how specific the ages of deaths and births were. If I was writing a bible I wouldn't start off with such unrealistic (several hundred) ages.

Is this meant to be taken literally or is it just an allegory? A translation mistake? Do people live longer with God?

Or did people actually live that long back then?

The decay rate of Carbon-14 is not a constant, it's recently, in the last several years sped up.

It's not too much of a stretch to expect a drastic slowing down of decay rates during an ice age.

I could go on for pages, but maybe people did live for several hundred years back then? It seems odd to me than most of those written about lived 800~-900~ years, but Enoch lived only 365 years...


Anonymous said...

I believe that people did live that long, as per the original flawless design. The wrong choices people made (to put it mildly), in essence, over time, resulted in corruption and degradation of the original DNA code. Enoch's lesser age at death demonstrated effects of the rapidly declining lifespan which was the result of this self-inflicted degradation.
It is said that Moses, though an old man when he died, had undiminished strength and even 20/20 vision. Look how frail our bodies have become. Most people today couldn't conceive of being that old without things like teeth and eyes having gone to hell.
I don't think bifocals and dentures were a necessity for humans at that time.

Anonymous said...

Girl soccer team is kicked out of play-offs for being all-white and more successful than you're allowed to be without diversity: