Thursday, October 20, 2011

Never Foreseen By Vault-Co

In ten thousand scenarios I worked through for a Chinese invasion, blockade and flashpoint in this region, I never foresaw Japan becoming uninhabitable due to radiation. Never. The possibility it might become worthless real estate and therefore uncontested when annexed to China again just never occurred to me. It goes to show you the limitations of prescience. It qualifies as an absolute wild card.

This development has changed the entire dynamic of conflict over these offshore islands for both China and the United States. I do not pretend to be able to know how all this ends but I will bet you anything it will be a worse outcome, not better.


red said...

You talk like the radiation is still spreading. Did I miss something on the news?

Anonymous said...

This guy has been giving the real scoop for some time now on how this disaster is really bad, even while the TV was pouring out lies and whitewash:

He's on youtube too.

He also points out the disasters in the clean up. They gather up the radioactive gas output and...pump it higher. Solved! They gather up radioactive material and...burn it. Solved! They're not supposed to burn the really radioactive stuff, but they measure piles by "averages", so they can put a really radioactive item into a pile of wood or rags or low radioactive items and it's okay by the rules now to burn it. That magic of radioactivity absorbing garbage piles.

I think mankind needs another boost from that monolith. The effects are wearing off fast.

Interesting that as the disaster gets worse I see more "TV specials" on how wonderful nuclear power is and how it only killed a handful of people (ignoring the waves of deaths, cancers, heart attacks, shortened life spans and birth defects and generally impaired health) , how the disaster in Japan is supposedly so minor we should all be over paddling in the fuel pools in the wreck and panning for spent rod pieces in rivers for giggles and was only caused because of someone leaving the stove on or similar bull.

People I wouldn't trust to tie their laces or bu a car from are trying to get me to put my life and the lives of my family in their hands so they can get more grant money and keep their cushy jobs.

Anonymous said...

Mr T

I think Mao-Mart is going to be getting huge infusions of hitech know-how and skilled artisans

Mayhaps their "ghost Cities" won't be so ghostly

Anonymous said...

Ten thousand scenarios you have worked through? Hyperbole, thy name is Tex!