Sunday, October 2, 2011

Media Peeple Are Edjumafacated Jeeniuses

Monty Python called! They are suing for copyright violations of their intellectual property. This kind absurdity is a unique creation of the Python players.

Huge comedy hit on YouTube, taken down of course after a couple million people laughed themselves paralytic at it. These talking heads all need to be sent to remedial education at hard labor for a couple decades to straighten them out.


Anonymous said...

One doctorate in multikult coming up for her, I think. Prime candidate for the top tier of modern academia.

Anonymous said...

It all depends on when you bought gold. I suspected that gold and silver reached a top, so I sold my holdings at a handsome profit.

Of course, I bought these previous metals ten years ago. Perhaps some would question my decision to sell, but I'm always mindful of manipulation by the elites who want to prop up their dollar holdings. They're not going to sit idly by while people sell off their mortgages by selling off their wives' jewelry.

The TV reporter had one thing right, the US dollar is based on faith that the US government is stable. But putting faith in the government is very stupid investment advice to give today.