Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Marines Coming To Protect Wall Street Protestors

This is a frequent turning point in history when you start to get the military onside. Once they are with you even the dopiest champagne drinking airheads will sit up and take notice. They know the hour is approaching and if you pay attention you can see a nervous bead of sweat rolling down their foreheads even as they are sneering. The last thing that any politician wants is to put himself opposite the military in the event of coup. Traditionally you're the first one to be put on trial if that happens.


Anonymous said...

Coups are a third world thing. Kwans have been taught since birth for generations to associate rebellion with slavery. 1776 doesn't really count because it's only ok to murder kings and aristocrats, not commissars and politburos.

Burn the Kwa.

Anonymous said...

"Coups are a third world thing."

The Kwan are less than 65% white. They are only a decade away from a majority third world population. They chose a Brown Future, a third world future, way back in '65.

No offense, but when you speak of people from 1776, you may as well be talking about aliens from another planet.

I'm amazed those imbeciles think they are going to change anything. They can't even see what is right in front of their noses. They may as well burn Wall Street to the ground, for all the difference it will make.

An idiot has an IQ of 0 to 30, an imbecile between 30 and 50, and a moron between 50 and 70. This is part of the argument that there is a difference between a liberal and a respectable conservative.

Anonymous said...

Read this to understand why multiculturalism is promoted everywhere except Israel by the "chosen ones" while at the same time the holocaust myth is preserved because it is such myths that unite and bind people into a common future - meaning creating it and preserving it was absolutely essential for the foundation of Israel and the continuation of its existence:

Anonymous said...

The spreading discontent and protests among Americans was a carefully engineered scheme to create exactly the conditions necessary to provoke an uprising and justify bigger and bigger government involvement in everything: