Thursday, October 20, 2011

Louisiana Bans Cash Transactions Between Private Parties

Thomas Jefferson would advocate kneecapping all concerned legislators. Ben Franklin would have them waterboarded, each and every one, before a proper public hanging.

The dizzying unraveling of the 'Stain is occurring at a breathtaking speed.


Anonymous said...

This is astonishing. It's like they are ramping up the dictatorship at record speeds but doing it completely out of the eyes of the public in ways that past tyrants could only dream of. People who use cash are now criminals? Time to close up shop. America is bust. Unless Washington and his like are reborn for that round of knee capping and hangings then it is screwed.

Anonymous said...

Drones to monitor US citizens:

Anonymous said...

Your blog post title is a bit misleading. You can still pay someone in cash for a service, and you can still pay cash for firsthand goods.

Anyway, I suspect this will be overturned. How can you outlaw the use of the legal tender of the U.S.? The proper way to approach this is to demand record keeping and a proper ID for selling goods to secondhand stores.