Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Land Collateral : The Secret Treason

I've known about twenty years. Most people still don't know how this works.

Every single time that land is reserved by the World Heritage foundation, it is put into an international privately held trust. If the current tenant defaults on his debt, any or all of the lands registered to this supranational body are the collateral guarantees for national debt owed to the world's bankers.

People who believe there is still a country called "America" to fight for, should know that about 75% of it is already owned by foreign banking interests. There's nothing left to fight over and if you did, these people would straighten you out pretty quickly about who owns what. They'd love to send U.N. troops in to settle the dispute.

America died, was broken up and sold piecemeal to financiers long ago as guarantees on further loans through the Federal Reserve. A reserve where nothing is reserved, nothing is federal and they give you permission to print your own currency. Kurt Saxon and others wrote about this nearly thirty years ago. Those cranks were in fact the only people in the country with their heads screwed on straight.


Anonymous said...

Part and parcel of the plan

USDOI and EPA allowed flooding in the Upper Missouri Basin this year. Knew they had record snowpack, and forecasted heavy rains. Kept dams and locks closed rather than draw off rising water. Then walked in and "offered" to buy ruined operations for pennies on the dollar per acre.

We are here to help ....

And by help we mean seize your land under cover of "assistance"

They probably think they can terraform the West and the Southwest.


Anonymous said...

not just america, anywhere bankers are allowed to flourish is the same.
this will all end badly as empires never just go quietly, there will be no return to sound currency.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tex,if you need a laugh you can read this article about how 70 IQ Austalian Aboriginals built Stone Hedge in Victoria,and computated complex astronomical alignments until evil Whitey banned them from doing so,out of jealousy of their ancient wisdom,and whatnot

Chris from Sydney

Anonymous said...

People talk about the debt and think it isn't that bad. I've heard a few hilarious ideas that people have for how it will work out. They think that they can just pay it off (sure, buddy), that it will just go away somehow (click your heels!) or they think that if it does go wrong that nothing much will happen and no one will be asking for anything to pay off the debt when you default on payments. Good luck with that. They'll want your house, your land and everything else they can get. They've clearly already been setting the laws and apparatus in place to snatch it as soon as possible because the elite fraudsters know fine well the financial ITZ is around the corner.