Friday, October 7, 2011

The Kwa : 3000 Mile Wide Diaper Tip

For years people have laughed at my predictions of a landscape piled two stories high with old diapers. They don't know the things I do about some cultures. It's not going to be trained out of them by anybody. They'll simply displace the existing demographic and it will become the new normal.

Even rats don't sh*t where they sleep. Humans don't do it where they live. At least, some humans used to know better. The enrichers don't mind the smell at all and wonder what all the fuss is about. That aroma reminds them of the mother country and puts them at ease. It's just like home.


Anonymous said...

A tip is what most countries are turning into:

Won't be much longer until a few thousand tons of diapers will be improving the landscape there and adding value.

Anonymous said...

I thought these kind of news were exclusive to the UK but it seems that France isn't doing any better.

Pee-cee Post-modernist death cult says: European/French History must be erased from school text books in France. The "contribution" of the medieval African Mali "empire" deemed more important to be taught to schools than Napoleon. Ethnic minorities must seem like they played an important role and whether that is true or not is completely irrelevant. It's all about equality:

That fits a certain pattern:

"God wanted us Jews to rule the world and this is what we do. Keep the mass media and information tools in our hands. People without history are like children without parents. They must begin all over again and then it will be easy to give them our world view and way of thinking. In this way, we can liquidate entire races. They must lose their history and their traditions, following which we shall be able to shape them in our own way.."

Anonymous said...

More bullshit to be used as pretext for Iran war: "Iran faction plotted to kill Saudi ambassador in the US"